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Looking For Project Homeless looking for work to feed his creativity

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by DigitalHobo9980, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. DigitalHobo9980


    May 5, 2020
    I am a 30+ something inked up norwegian fisherman father of two.. who does art as a hobby.. and has been for the last 15-16ish years.

    I do 3D sculpting, hand painting, drawing, sketching etc and what i dont know i will learn, or go to sleep thinking about how to do it and fall asleep with my phone in my face, drooling spit and skruf all over the pillows..
    Then i typically wake up just as hungry just to fail again, and again, until i am there.
    (thats probably not all true, as i hardly ever sleep.. especially these days)..
    I know my way around zbrush, maya, 3dmax, mudbox, marv, blender, substance paint.. also lots of years on photoshop, sketchbook +++.

    Hardware is great, last gen, i usually do 3D on two of the screens and draw/paint on the wacom screen.

    As most of you know, you really cant just use one of your tools for anything really, so its alot of back and forth, even for the smallest of things.

    When the pandemic crap went down i gave my old plane engine of a pc to my oldest son and bought myself a fresh rig.

    Other than that ive recently done a couple courses in C++, just to get a feel for it aswell.
    Sometimes its great to try something completely out of my skill zone..
    Done with the hello world, math, shells, basics etc wich means.. my creativity will starve to death unless i get put on a real task to create something appealing to the eye hehe :)


    Been into gaming since 1995, owned all consoles on the market, still have some of them.
    Played most games of the rpg,shooter,survival,strategy genere on pc aswell.

    I got a special weakness for fantasy and the survival games genre, tho i dont hold any favourites, turn based Divinity or Skyrim, Left 4 Dead or Zomboid.. small or big, doesnt really matter to me, neither do the type of graphics.
    I do however love games with multiplayer or co-op, unless its a great story behind it, but it doesnt have to be.
    Id be happy to do art for a boardgame hehe..

    Anyways, I need somewhere digitally to call home, to be part of something greater than my endless hunger of creating stuff..
    Wich doesnt mean it has to be published or even be anywhere near big in any way..

    I want to start building a portfolio and find myself in this digital world.
    I think what i am saying is that i want my art to matter.
    Hopefully learn new things aswell.

    So! Anyone out there who want/need art or help?

    ps: o_O sorry for any typos..
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