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Question Hololens Unity develeopment

Discussion in 'AR' started by strawrobbery, May 8, 2024.

  1. strawrobbery


    Jan 20, 2022

    Is it possible to find some help here, I tried searching for tutorials and installing some unity packages but with no success. I have this model of a lathe and it needs to be an interactive presentation for Hololens 2 :') showcasing how different parts are moving. On the picture bellow I tried to explain what I need to do: basically the wheel is rotating clockwise or against clockwise and it is controlling the blue block to move left and right.
    I am not a programmer :') and tried to ask Copilot for some help with code but the AI doesn't really understand what I mean.
    I am working with the MRTK3, I managed to make the wheel rotate when my hand rotates. Now the blue block seems to slide sideways wehenver I move my hand left and right and it is not what I want.
    Does anybody maybe tell me what is the best solution here, I am also thinking about making an Animation Controller that will allow the blue block slide whenever the wheel is rotated but I am not sure how succesfull this is going to be either.

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  2. mike-copley-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 7, 2023
    Hi @strawrobbery ,

    Our forum FAQ makes the following statement regarding Hololens development:

    How to do X using HoloLens?
    Unity does not implement AR Foundation support for HoloLens. Microsoft owns and maintains their AR Foundation provider plug-in and build tools. For any questions regarding HoloLens other than specifically the UnityEngine or UnityEditor API’s, please refer to the Microsoft Mixed Reality forums:
  3. AliceMUnity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 28, 2024
    As @mike-copley-unity mentioned, we can't provide HoloLens specific support. However, you should be able to do this through built-in Unity functionality.

    Using an animation controller is a reasonable approach. You can build your animation controller through a GUI (i.e., no code), although you will need code to set the wheel rotation state (clockwise / counterclockwise). I would encourage you to seek out an animation controller tutorial. It will be difficult to do this without some basic understanding of the system.