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Looking For Contributor [Hobby/Rev-Share] Looking for Programmers to Work on a 2d Platform Shooter

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by dakbulletstorm, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. dakbulletstorm


    Jun 14, 2021
    Hello there, I am looking for a programmer to work on a 2d platform shooter with. Currently, we have a team together and where about to start work, but one of our programmers left the team at the last second.

    We currently have a Game Designer, Animators, and Music/Sound designers. We do have another programmer, but they would like to work with someone else on the coding. We are hoping to release the game and you will get a share of the revenue if you help. However, I can't offer that much else.

    If you are capable of the following, then we will gladly accept you onto the team:
    • Will be active and contribute their fair share
    • Has experience in Unity and can code a multiplayer game
    • Bonus: Has experience with Mirror
    • Will not share information with other people about the project

    If you are interested, DM me on Discord and I look forward to meeting you!