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High-Res 2D Art (Paid) for GameJam - a Kobold Story Game

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by RobbyZ, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. RobbyZ


    Apr 17, 2015

    I would like to commission a 2D artist or two to create assets for me during an upcoming week-long gamejam. This is a paid commission project (I am planning to sell the resulting game after the jam (inexpensively)).

    Key Info
    Style: I am targeting a 2D top-down isometric visual style in non-pixel art. Example: For characters, an anime style is ideal

    Assets: The kinds of art I am expecting to need:

    • 2D Character Portraits
    • 2D Paintings (title art / key scene)
    • 2D Character Spritesheets
    • 2D Environment Tilesets
    • 2D Inventory Items (limited, already have someone helping with these)
    • UI Artwork (this position most likely now filled, barring any unforeseen events)
    This work would be split among multiple people depending on skillset, time commitment and interests. My target budget per-person is around $50~$100 depending on their time availability.

    Schedule: The jam goes from Sat July 31 - Sat Aug 7. I am not expecting to need much assistance on Sat as that'll be a planning day, but should start to begin being ready on Sunday and especially Monday. I expect the bulk of art work would be M-F, and it'll probably be extremely time consuming during those days as gamejams tend to be. (If you have a 9-5 gig during the week, it's ok, just let me know what kind of time commitment you'd be able to make.)

    How to apply: Please e-mail Include:

    • A link to your portfolio and/or attachments to the mail demonstrating your prior art.
      • I am particularly looking for art similar to the style section above. For character artists, prior work making Kobolds or other critters is cool!
      • If your portfolio is on instagram: I do not have an instagram account, so please attach art to email or I won't be able to see it.
    • What is your anticipated schedule during the jam week? (see schedule section above)
    • If you require payment higher than the budget above, please indicate your requirements. (All work will be commissioned under a standard work-for-hire agreement only.)
    • Have you completed a fast project before, such as a game jam?

    (If you post a comment, please do also send an e-mail! I don't want to miss you accidentally)

    Extra Info: Game Details
    This will be a story-focused adventure game, similar to point & click adventures in gameplay, and a top down RPG in visuals (see my past games below for an example).

    I have a rough story idea about a lady who accidentally gains a pack of kobold followers. It will be funny, cute, and sad. As with any jam, it may change significantly once I actually start planning it out for real during the start of the jam and make it theme appropriate, but I do want to tell a story with cute kobolds in it, so expect at least a few of those!

    Extra Info: My Background
    I have made a number of story games before, from quick jam projects all the way to a multi-year 3D console game. Here are some of my past story games:

    I have a lot of jamming and gamedev experience in general (15 year industry vet). As a heads up, you may find working with me different than a typical jam experience as I tend to have a strong vision of what I want to build, and how to build it. The positive part of that is that there isn't much wasted effort and I've successfully completed jams in past with playable builds.

    Thank you for your interest, and I hope to hear from you!