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Question Hide objects in front of player in isometric view

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by XRay3, Aug 12, 2023.

  1. XRay3


    Aug 9, 2021

    I've got a question about hiding objects in front of player using a static camera position like isometric view. I can not solve it by rotating and/or repositioning the camera. I'm pretty sure most people know games like Diablo, PoE etc.

    My current solution is as follows: designing prefabs (it's all modular) with box colliders as triggers on the ground. The box colliders are of course larger than the ground (let's say for a 1x1 ground the box collider is 3x2 - which excludes the 1x1 square outside the wall). When entering the box collider trigger the wall (or whatever) is removed/replaced. Seems to work for easy levels. But when I have larger rooms I need to span the box collider. Why? Let's assume the part is 1x1 and the room is 15x15 and the viewport can display the complete room. Leaving the 2 square (the original one within the prefab and the extra one) the wall will be visible again. So I'd need to span it across ~15 fields (or whatever my viewport can handle).

    Another solution would be to design the level so that wall on east/south sides are generally taller. But that would not work because if the player is outside a room it would still be visible (unless working with some kind of fog of war).

    So I'm looking for a decent solution. I could imagine that my solution is working nice on pre-designed areas like cities and houses or static dungeons. But I'd like to generate them randomly. So I'm looking for something that might be triggered by a camera-to-player calculation. How'd you solve this?

    Thanks for any input. I'd love to hear about different solutions :)
  2. c0d3_m0nk3y


    Oct 21, 2021
    This is what I would try, assuming I understood you correctly:
    - Add a component to every prefab which is responsible for hiding it. Write some code which
    -- projects the object's bounding box onto the screen using the projection matrix of the camera
    -- projects the player's bounding box onto the screen using the projection matrix of the camera
    -- hides the object if the two projected bounding boxes overlap in 2D AND the minimum screen-space z value of the object's bounding box is less than the maximum screen-space z value of the player's bounding box