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Hi there, New and looking for some guidance with answers from people!

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Addrian, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Addrian


    Oct 2, 2013
    Hi there guys, I am new to Unity, and programming itself, but I really want to get the basics of learning, and understanding better concept with unity.

    My goal is to create an rpg like game, but I always wanted it to be small scaled, so like micro sized characters and stuff, sort of like an rpg style game.

    Below I have some pictures of what I really want to aim at, I just want to ask is, how do I make that kind of terrain and is it possible in Unity, if it is, how do I do it or get it, and if not, what can I do to get a similar effect?

    I also saw a game made in unity, but it was like a 3d straedgy game, with micro trees and people! How can I achieve such a goal?

    Please don't tell me to look this up on google, becuase I have, I am looking for answers from you guys now! Please help me, and if you can briefly fill me in on how to achieve what I am looking for, would be greatly appreciated.

    So once more, I am looking at creating a small, little rpg game, or just learning to make little characters that can move around, putting that sort of green terrain I am looking for, or as in the one with the character, and also adding weapons and jumping, how is this achievable?

    Also does anyone also know what software was created to make, towns or gnomoria or even tibiame on the mobile? I want those kind of graphics, for the game and sort of like its gameplay, but I don't have an idea, what the engine or programs were used, they don't say, can anyone help me?

    Thanks very much in advance,

    Kind regards,

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  2. Addrian


    Oct 2, 2013
    Can anyone please help me out?
  3. Jax_Cavalera


    Jul 22, 2013
    Based on the graphics that are in the pictures it looks like the terrain was built using Voxels. There are a few voxel packages that would allow you to produce some nice looking terrain types just like that or even better (though most cost money). One that I have been looking into which seems like it's pretty good for this kind of thing would be : or

    but yeah both of those seem to be pretty expensive.

    As an alternative, you could simply make a green textured box painting it so it looks like grass on top and dirt on the sides. Then allow players to move / destroy or create them.

    Something that may interest you would be :

    There is also a link near the top of that post that goes into more detail about working out how to achieve such a result.

    Building Game Objects and Characters
    As for lots of tiny people, it all depends on what you are wanting to really do. If you want to make the game so that characters move just like real people then you would likely want to create humanoids using a modelling software like Blender, 3D Coat or if you are loaded with money (3DS Max). Honestly though I am finding 3D Coat and Blender to be a really neat combo for building games without knowing a lot of technical stuff.

    Scripting the Game
    As for coding, I would strongly recommend looking into Uscript, it's a little expensive though it provides the most non-coder friendly way to start scripting and the dev team seem to be pretty active in helping get users up and running. They also have a free version if you want to check it out first and see how you like it so that's probably a good place to start for that aspect of your game.

    Animating your Game Characters
    I am finding that for the most part, there are plenty of free Motion Capture (Mocap) animations on the Unity Asset Store which you can cut up to get basic character movements added via Mecanim.

    If there is a specific animation you would like to make for a character, then you can either hunt it down on the Asset Store from the abundant selection of animation packages available or you now have the option to create new animations using the kit at the following link :

    Networking and Multiplayer - AI and NPC's
    Depending on if you are wanting to create a MMORPG or just a Singleplayer game, you will likely want to use NPC's or AI (Bots that are not player controlled)

    I believe the easiest way to do this would be through the combination of colliders acting as triggers to events and something like iTween. iTween is (or was) free and lets you easily set up navigation paths for game objects to follow. There are a lot of helper assets that make it's usage even easier and I can't think of an easier way to get started at creating custom in game AI.

    I believe that Unity also comes with some level of Networking functionality you can add into your game if Multiplayer is the goal though for any heavy traffic, I've read that it's best to look for a Server Engine to handle this kind of thing. I'm not too experienced with the Networking side of things so hopefully someone else can help out more there.

    This is a fairly general overview of things you can do to start building a game such as the one shown i the images. Hopefully this information helps you out and can get you up and running.