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Hey! Visit The Masky! Games 3D Library now!

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by theMasky, Nov 7, 2022.


What kind of artistic graphic style are you working on?

  1. Stylized (Something cartoonish, maybe realistic but simple)

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  2. Photorealistic

  1. theMasky


    May 8, 2015

    I'd like to introduce this new project of Masky! Games called The Masky! Games 3D Library. You'll find free and paid models that are specially made for real-time rendering: optimized and very good looking. The models are usually tested inside Unity.
    The Masky! Games 3D Library has game-ready, realtime-optimized models for your needs! Whether it's PC, VR, or Mobile, it's ready to go! Have a Game-Jam soon? You're too lazy to model something yourself, making you feel like crap because you aren't able to do something by yourself? Do you have some extra money to spare? Or maybe you want to get a free model! You better call the Masky! Games 3D Library!

    Our current models follow the PBR texturing workflow and are aimed at photo-realistic environments, though we also feature a few stylized ones. We usually offer our models in Autodesk FBX and Wavefront OBJ formats, which are widely use in the video game industry.

    A few of our models:

    Masky! Games is still considering joining the Asset Store, although the decision has yet to be made. More models are in the works at the moment. The library keeps growing! Feedback is WELCOME!

    Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!