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Question Help using Optitrack Motive mocap FBX files with Adobe Mixamo characters in Unity

Discussion in 'Animation' started by GregoryArdrey, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. GregoryArdrey


    Nov 13, 2021
    I am in the process of learning how to use Optitrack Motive motion capture files with Adobe Mixamo characters in a VR experience created in Unity. I have successfully imported several characters from Mixamo with the generic motions from their website which work fine as background actors. I have a couple of foreground characters that I want to apply custom files captured with Optitrack Motive to provide custom animations that fit the storyline. However, when I try to apply them I get the following error:
    Screenshot 2022-10-31 184319 Motive to Mixamo Mismatch.png

    I suspect there is an incorrect setting somewhere that simply needs changed, but I have been unable to find documentation related to troubleshooting Motive/Mixamo/Unity being used together. I wanted to see if anyone here can point me to something that might help with this?