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Help - How to debug an iOS app over windows using Visual Studio and Cloud Build

Discussion in 'iOS and tvOS' started by cfortnerLL, May 19, 2019.

  1. cfortnerLL


    Apr 25, 2019
    Hi, I am having trouble setting up the debugging pipleline in Visual Studio to debug my iOS app. After reading around, it seems it should work... but I havent been succesfull so far...

    I built my iOS app over the Unity Team Cloud Build, which results in a .ipa file that I download.
    Then I install the .ipa file onto my iPhone over iTunes (in Windows) - then I start the app.

    After I start the app on my iPhone, in Visual Studio I select "Debug -> Attack Unity Debugger" and can see my iPhone, which is listed under "iPhonePlayer", then I select that.

    After I connect I get the following output log:

    Loaded: Module: mscorlib.dll
    Loaded: Module: Mono.Security.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.Configuration.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.Xml.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.Core.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.SharedInternalsModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.TextRenderingModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.Diagnostics.StackTrace.dll
    Loaded: Module: System.Globalization.Extensions.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.AnimationModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.AudioModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.GameCenterModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.IMGUIModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.Physics2DModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.PhysicsModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.UIModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.UnityAnalyticsModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.UnityWebRequestModule.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.dll
    Loaded: Module: netstandard.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.CloudBuild.dll
    Loaded: Module: UnityEngine.UI.dll
    Loaded: Module: Assembly-CSharp.dll
    The program 'Unity' has exited with code 1 (0x1).

    As you can see, it just exiteded.

    I thought maybe I am missing the symboles, aka .pdb files.
    So in Visual Studio, under Debug -> Options -> Debugging -> Symbols, I added every location from the project that contains a .pdb file, and also extracted the downloaded/installed .ipa file and selected the path to the .pdb file that was extracted - but to no success.

    Everytime I try to debug, my breakpoints display the missing symbole icon and/or the debugging attempt exits with the message I described above.

    As to my Cloud Build settings, under the config, I set the "Development Builds" to "Yes" and in my project build settings I selected "Debug", "Development Build" and "Script Debuggin" - alltho I doubt this makes any difference because the build is happending on Unity Team's Cloud Build, and my Visual Studio project is set to "Debug" as well.

    I tried to describe my pipeline, setup and configurations to the last detail.
    So anyone know how I can get this to work, or if it's even possible?

  2. cfortnerLL


    Apr 25, 2019
    I just noticed somthing, so here is some more info: When I attach the debugger to the device and wait about 10-20 seconds, I can set breakpoints, and it seems to be hitting them because the device will pause/freeze on where the breakpoint is and if I stop debugging, the device continues - but in visual studio, it doesn't show where it hit it and doesn't act as if a breakpoint was hit...