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Question Headless Linux server debugging on Windows

Discussion in 'Linux' started by mjans71, Oct 21, 2022.

  1. mjans71


    Oct 21, 2022
    Windows 10 Business build 19044.2130
    Unity Editor 2021.3.7f1
    Visual Studio 2022 Professional
    Linux IL2CPP dedicated server build

    On a Windows workstation, what is the best way to do headless linux server debugging?

    Docker with WSL 2 is installed. The production destination will be Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instances.

    I can run the server on both an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instance and a local docker container based on Amazon Linux 2. Currently just debugging via log files.

    From Windows, can I debug the server process in either a local docker container or running in WSL? In VS2022, I can Attach to Unity and I can Attach to a Process in Docker (but attaching to the server process in docker with Managed debugging fails), but is there a way to Attach to Unity in Docker or WSL?