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HDRP + DXR problems

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by kartoonist435, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. kartoonist435


    Feb 14, 2015
    I have HDRP and DXR ray tracing working on an i7 with a GTX 1080 computer. To test out the full capability of ray tracing in real-time I moved over to a new AMD Threadripper with a GTX 2070 in it and now the scene has an issue with loading the DXR resources. In the HDRP wizard I select fix and it fixes everything then a minute later it pops up saying error loading DXR resources and that the card I have isn’t compatible. Any ideas why? All my drivers and windows are up to date.
  2. TreyK-47


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 22, 2019