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Feedback HDR Demo: A project to teach people about HDR and determine how your display measures up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sacb0y, Aug 24, 2023.

  1. sacb0y


    May 9, 2016

    I started a side project called "HDR demo", cause there's for a while now been a lot of confusion on what HDR is and what to expect from it. There also seems to be confusion from developers on how or why to support it.

    To me, this is a growing issue cause as more people get HDR displays more people will start to realize a lot of games lack HDR that could support it. And they'll notice the lack of it degrades their experience, auto-HDR is a fine band-aid but it's not like proper support. It's like upscaling SD resolution video to HD, fine but never really compares to full HD. And once you're used to HD, SD just doesn't cut it at all.

    Games that can have HDR should.

    But there's a problem, with HD it was simple pixel resolutions, it's easy to describe. HD is better than SD cause you see more detail. You can't show HD on an SD screen, but people can kind of imagine the impact.

    HDR is a little different, for one the variance is much higher. HDR is impacted a lot by the peak brightness of a display, could be 400 nits, could be 600, could be 2000. Then there's the content, sure your display might be capable of 2000nits but the content might be 400nits. And then there can be limitations from the player and how it processes luminance. And THEN on top of that there's things like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

    Unlike things like HD and 4K the landscape of HDR is complex, hard to describe, hard to determine what makes it look good or bad especially if you've never seen HDR before. But for me personally it's a huge game changer across display tech in general.

    At the moment the project is mostly a tool to measure HDR displays, but over time I aim to add interactive scenes, examples using HDR screenshots from games, code snippets, and additional tests useful for both gamers and game developers. So devs know what gamers should expect, and gamers know what to expect.

    I'm also looking for feedback on if there's any questions you had that you'd like to see a proper demo of. Or just anything else you'd like to see. Also, any inaccuracies, tho keep in mind I'm trying to keep the information useful and digestible for creative types and gamers.

    Next thing I'm adding is some tests and samples of color banding. Also doing builds for other OS's with android in the future.

    Project Built in Unity 2022.3.7 with URP 14.0.8

    HDR Demo by Momoiro Software (

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