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Question Having bones follow parent bone in a specific direction one at a time

Discussion in 'Animation' started by acMacav, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. acMacav


    Apr 1, 2018
    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding IK and how to have children bones follow the parent one at a time for a type of chain mesh.

    I'm creating a hydraulic lift which has an arm that extends out of the main portion of the mesh itself. Along with this extending arm is a metal housing that pulls a type of wire harness, which has the shape of a chain of sorts. What I want is since the mesh itself is comprised of IK, when the lift is moving out of the main arm itself, I want the housing and the wire harness chain to follow with it. However, I need the chain to pull each child bone one at at a time to where, when stationary, the chain rests alongside the metal beam below it and each bone, one at a time, moves away from this stationary beam along with the metal housing. A demo of this animation can be seen below.

    Using this video as a reference, what I'm essentially wanting to do is use either IK or other methods to have an endpoint pull the children bones along with the parent but having each bone follow the parent one at a time. I've created a series of bones for each joint in this chain within blender which are parented to a single bone for the metal housing, but am not sure how to translate this movement into Unity.

    The wire harness and metal housing that's attached to it, will drag this harness along with it and will follow the hydraulic arm as it lifts out of the base arm itself, while bones unaffected by the parent bone will rest stationary on the metal piece below it.

    Are there any suggestions in terms of either IK or otherwise that I could use within Unity to have this wire harness follow the main metal housing as showcased in the above gifs? I should mention that this entire arm structure will be comprised of IKs as the goal is to have the hydraulic lift itself be as dynamic and manipulatable as possible.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I can go more in depth if necessary. Thanks!

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