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Games Hands of Chaos - VR / Meta Quest

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by turp182, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    The concept is the title. It's not complicated, but it's really fun. Tracking finger angles.

    Alpha #3 in the video below will be going up on App Lab as is to setup a placeholder for future updates.

    Current Goals:
    * New Scene with random objects coming at the player/camera, able to be deflected with the hand guns.
    * Add stats UI, shots, hits, damage (objects striking camera collider).
    * Add UI for adjusting fire rate, size, speed, and mass of bullets.
    * Add damage system, fade light to some color, then use a camera facing cube to cover up entire screen view, fade in over time.

    Hand Gun - Alpha #3 (App Lab Candidate)
  2. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    For completeness, a couple of additional videos of the original design.

    Initial Game Concept - Deflect/destroy things coming at user, utilizing a variety of hand/finger gestures. Eventual goal is a line runner obstacle avoidance shooter with hand/finger interactions, gaze actions (destroy swarms of small things with your EYES!?), procedural generation.

    Working Title: Hands of Chaos, Chaos Hands.

    Alpha #0 - Single Shot Thumb Cock/Fire Mechanic:

    Alpha #1 - Original YouTube Video - Automatic Fire, No Sound
  3. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    New Mechanics: Hand Shield and Hand Saber.

    This all started with the hand gun which became more interesting once it was fully automatic. Now I want to add additional mechanics around deflecting or destroying objects coming at the player.

    So I added a Hand Shield and also a Hand Saber, all based on various specific hand positions. They all instantly switch (Shield requires a double fist pump). Colliders on the Shield and Saber need work, I was only focused on the hand mechanic at this point.

    Hands of Chaos #1 - Code, Shield, and Saber
  4. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    Contact me if you are interested in helping with graphics/effects.

    New Mechanic
    : Hand Shotgun!
    New Feature: Destructible Barrels

    This is really turning into a game at this point. And with little hesitation.

    This is a final update before I setup a fresh Unity project for "Hands of Chaos". A stripped down "game" version will go up on AppLab once I have that coded (another video as well).

    The concept is high-energy arcade style shooter using 100% hand/finger mechanics (no controllers). Gaze selection/activation will also be used.

    Hand Shotgun is FUN!!!

  5. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    New Mechanics:
    - Flaming Fingertips
    - Exploding Cans

    Started a new project in the 2021.3.15f1, URP with Vulcan, close to latest Oculus package.

    Flaming fingertips seems like a good power up mechanic. And it's neat...

    For the exploding cans I:
    1. Created an EnemyConfig ScriptableObject for Can and Barrel hit points (damage will probably be collision.impulse.magnitude * bulletMass).
    1.a. Originally set it up to track the hit points and report death but it was acting like a singleton (all cans exploding at the same time) and Instantiate wasn't working as expected (I took an easier way out as I'm not doing prod level code structure design, I'm trying to ABC - Always Be Coding (for functionality rather than software design details...)).
    2. Used the Cola Can from the asset store.
    3. Used a can crush sound from Zapsplat.
    4. Created a "whoosh" and EQed and effected the can crush in FL Studio.

    Right now I'm going to work on publishing to App Lab and I'll probably do a detailed overview of the can creation (FL Studio, sound considerations, putting it all together, orchestrating with a Coroutine).

  6. turp182


    May 3, 2018
    At this point I'm trying to build out a playable "game" with all of the basic player mechanics in place.

    1. Added a hand shield (fancy words for a semi transparent collider...)
    2. Hands of Wrath - a power up
    3. A vending machine with a side cannon that flies around on a spline path shooting barrels and cans at the player.
    3.a - It's not a target/boss, yet.
    4. Hand Gun firing effects.
    5. Barrels - take damage and explode
    6. Barrels and Cans share a scriptable object that implements Hit Points as well as handling tracking of damage and an event to notify OnDestroyed (all in the scriptable object - it basically abstracts away "life management" for targets).

    7. App Lab submission prepared (metadata complete...), signed APK, haven't uploaded to start review yet.
    8. Snagged a domain and threw together a super basic website (using Bootstrap if you can call if "using").
    9. Setup a local Github repo.

    1. Need to address performance (object pooling) and better handle when the hands aren't being tracked.
    2. Setup the Vending Machine as a "boss" with a life bar or something.
    3. Add object impact effects (semi transparent cube in front of camera, adding color and increasing alpha to simulate impact/damage)
    3.a - "Blured vision" - Create one or more clones of an object, but with no colliders, have them move around the actual target during damage.....
    4. The Source - A sphere in front of the player, minimizing impacts to this keeps the view intact.
    5. Scoring - Destroying or avoiding targets (non-destructible, push them out of the way) scores points.

    Design Thoughts:
    - Sort of a bullet-hell concept where accuracy takes a back seat to mayhem.
    - Various power ups, fire, ice, Hands of Wrath
    - Environment objects (structures that block and deflect)
    - Going with a no-death approach, obscuring the players vision on damage instead.