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Handles Documentation Missing Code, Missing C# in General

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by SpreadcampShay, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. SpreadcampShay


    Dec 9, 2010
    I wanted to learn more about the DrawSolidArc Function and I noticed the Code Examples are broken. The most important example only shows brackets.

    Additionally, almost all the Functions documented for the Handles show only JS code. This is actually true for a great many parts around the Editor Documentation. For example the GenericMenu Documentation, and many more. I'd be generally happy to see this addressed in the near future as there are some editor functions that just work a little differently in C# and it's not always immediately obvious why. Although I have no specific example at hand right now for that, I've had to sometimes google through Unity Answers for a different way to use one or another Editor Functions than the JS Example suggested because they'd just have to be initialized very differently or behave somewhat differently in C# than in JS, tending to make a direct translation of the examples error. Next time I come across something like that I'll make a post about that. I just don't think that this should be something you should need to do in the first place with a good documentation, and I think it's fair enough to say that C# has taken over in favor for most developers so an update to include it in the Documentation properly would be highly appreciated.