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Hand Interaction and Gesture Recognition on Handheld AR

Discussion in 'Handheld AR' started by AbrahamManomotion, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. AbrahamManomotion


    Jun 21, 2017
    Hello everyone,

    With this post I would like to bring some information in the Unity community, interested in Handheld AR, of a solution that can be integrated in your mobile projects and offer hand interaction and gesture recognition.

    As gamers and Unity devs our selves we have an available Unity Package that you can import to your project and compile directly to both iOS or Android from Unity. The package makes use of the phone's camera to interpet the feed and provide tracking and gesture information.

    Though we are operating at a closed Beta stage here, we want to give back to the creative minds using Unity as their developing platform and hear their thoughts and feedback. In order to try out, you need to apply through our website at for an account and contact us at to help you get started.

    We do apologize in advance for any delay to get your accounts approved, we are a deep tech company, with real people like you and me and we want to make sure we can support you in our best form.

    You can get a glimpse of what we can do in the video below:

    *Though we get this question a lot, we do not currently have an out of the box solution for running ARFoundation and Vuforia alongside Hand Interaction, but it is something that we will do in the near future.