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Gust of Wind (story-driven stealth game)

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by SMML, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. SMML


    Aug 29, 2014

    Gust of Wind is shaping out to be a story-driven stealth game, introducing a ruinous world shaped by long-gone civilization with pneumatic and wheelwork technology. Player takes the role of a sneaky seagull, utilizing his stealth and climbing skills to stay out of plain sight throughout missions involving sabotage in enemy camps, thieving, spying and such. The feel of the game takes inspiration from games like Thief, Deus Ex and the stealth missions in Operation Flashpoint.


    There's a war going on with a barbarian force, fueled by ancient pneumatic war machines, which makes pressurized air a very sought after commodity. Player's home town is on the verge of being conquered, and its ability to defend itself is dependent on a ragtag group of villagers to sail across the seas to fill the air tanks. The remaining compressors in the world are very few and far between, and there's a constant race to gain control over them.


    So far, I have finished coding and animating the climbing system, implemented land movement and (very rudimentary) swimming, as well as more recently rowing and crane mechanics.

    Now that the basic movement is functional, the next benchmark will be the first mission / tutorial.

    I've made everything visible so far myself in Unity, but presently my coder friend is also helping me in the form of a dialogue system. I have some 8 years of game industry experience as a graphic artist, and I'm working on this alongside my freelance work making game trailers.

    Project website:


    First off, here's a demo showing the movement:

    And a bunch of screenshots:

    I'll start working on the first mission next, and will post some updates when we're further along.

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. SMML


    Aug 29, 2014
    Door mechanics demo: