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Looking For Contributor Guardians of Xenlon Mars

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by codecustard, Apr 14, 2023.

  1. codecustard


    Jun 5, 2018
    Looking for people to work on a project for fun.

    A little bit about myself: Years of experience with game development, worked on and Mentored/Project Manager of a team as part of a program called: "Chingu" where people from around the world looking to learn how to program can learn how to build projects as a team:

    Did a bunch of code PR contributions to the Godot core engine. Love multiplayer user experiences, also submitted a bug fix for the "Godot Firebase extension".

    We will be using GDQuest 2D Shooter Open source kit so that we can focus more on gameplay and actually shipping and I believe that it's a wonderful starting point. A little bit about the game: To start, it's a 2D Space Shooter where the goal is to travel space and collect resources. Collecting resources allows you to upgrade your ship which helps you fight the enemies that appear. Essentially we would be build off of some of the gameplay that already exists with the kit. Down the road, would love to integrate multiplayer where you can battle against other people 1v1, 2v2, etc.. or even king of the kill/last man standing.

    Really hope I can attract passionate developers that would love to ship a project. With my experience and an iterative/agile workflow I believe we can ship a fun project that could turn into something bigger as we attract more people to contribute to it. I would like to ship the project open-source, to maintain the ethos of GDQuest. I feel like people get too caught up about closed-source thinking they're trying to protect something when in reality, code is code. It's all about implementation that really matters. You could have the best tech, best audio, best graphics, etc... but if the game is not fun or the implementation is not good, then it is meaningless.