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Question Graphics Compositor: Render Textures only from Video Players? (What about WebCam Textures)?

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by mindCreatesMeaning, May 16, 2023.

  1. mindCreatesMeaning


    Jan 14, 2021
    I'm getting acquainted with the Graphics Compositor within Unity. Great stuff so far. My target use is for Virtual Production.

    Here's where I'm stuck(?).

    Graphics Compositor Sub-Layers accept 3 types of inputs:
    • Video (Video Player Components in a scene)
    • Image (Render Textures within a project)
    • Camera (Game Camera FoV)
    My Question:
    • Does Graphics Compositor only accept a Render Texture's input when the input originates from a Video Player Component?
    My Observation (and reason for asking):
    • I'm running a WebCam.cs Script which outputs an available webcam feed to a Render Texture.
    • I've verified my WebCam.cs Script operates correctly by the following method:
      • The Render Texture is plugged into the Base Map of a Material.
      • This Material is placed upon a 3D Plane Object.
      • The webcam displays its live video feed on the 3D Plane Object at Runtime.
    • With my webcam feed verified to be working, I've executed the following steps.
      • Within Graphics Compositor, I've created a Sub-Layer (Image Source).
      • I've plugged my Render Texture into the Sub Layer's Source Image field.
      • No webcam feed is displayed in my final composite at Runtime.
      • The webcam feed does continue to display upon my 3D Plane Object.

    • Does Graphics Compositor support Webcam feeds to Render Textures?
      • If so, what is wrong with my stated workflow? And...
      • What is the correct way of feeding a Live-Camera-Feed into Graphics Compositor?