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Resolved Graph based workflows

Discussion in 'Authoring Dev Blitz Day 2023' started by DevDunk, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. DevDunk


    Feb 13, 2020
    In Unity there are 3 major graph based tools. Visual scripting, shader graph, and vfx graph.

    They all use different node based workflows. Why doesn't this all have the same base node system with different add-ons for finctionality. This way the black box/exposed variables all will be in similar spaces. Vfx graph for example has a drop down to get individual floats from a vector3, while shader graph and visual scripting need a split node. This is just one example of how the functionality differs
  2. EricDziurzynski


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 11, 2022
    @DevDunk you are completely right, we agree, and appreciate your feedback! We have a common front end UI/UX solution in GTF that is in development. The plan and roadmap is for all of these node based tools and workflows to have GTF as the common front end. We are currently in development of migrating Shader Graph to utilize GTF and the plan is to update Visual Scripting and VFX Graph next.

    I will log your feedback and make sure we don't lose sight of it during development.

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