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[GoogleCardboard] Black screen on Android Free

Discussion in 'Unity 5 Pre-order Beta' started by XeOniFiCaTiOn, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. XeOniFiCaTiOn


    May 7, 2013
    HI Guys,
    Just downloaded RC3 over the weekend and i came across a very strange problem. When i initally started the project i got a temp key which was a trial for all platforms. The cardboard sdk worked like a charm. I switched over to my Unity Pro licence yesterday and then built it and got a black screen for the 2 cameras. On investigation i checked adb to find this :

    9018-9033/com.XXXX.Demo E/libEGL﹕ call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)
    03-03 09:56:07.304 9018-9033/com.XXXX.Demo D/dalvikvm﹕ Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/com.XXXX.Demo-2/ 0x41ac4fa0
    03-03 09:56:07.304 9018-9033/com.XXXX.Demo D/dalvikvm﹕ Added shared lib /data/app-lib/com.XXXX.Demo-2/ 0x41ac4fa0
    03-03 09:56:07.309 9018-9033/com.XXXX.Demo W/Unity﹕ Lens distortion-correction disabled. Causes: [RenderTexture (Unity Pro feature) is unavailable]
    (Filename: ./artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebug.gen.cpp Line: 56)

    I tried it on unity 4 free and it works like a charm. Works fine in Unity 5 editor. Any help or light on this would be a treasure for me.


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