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Good quality anti-aliasing for 360 videos?

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by saadjumani, Aug 25, 2022.

  1. saadjumani


    Apr 12, 2016
    Hi, ive been trying to use unity to produce 360 videos. It is simply much more convenient for me than blender or other 3D packages. However, major drawback of unity is that it is either terrible at anti-aliasing or maybe im not doing something right.

    This is the quality I am getting in an 8k stereo 360 render despite SMAA. TAA doesn't show any noticeable improvement over non-AA render either.

    I tried recording with unity's default recorder but it wont allow me to render anything over 4k. So for 8k I wrote a custom script following this tutorial: ( ) and capturing the render renderTexture and then to a cubemap at 8k. And still this is the result I am getting.

    Is it that unity simply isn't suitable for this stuff or am I doing something wrong? This is for a static video not a real time experience, so I don't mind if the solution slows down the FPS but I do need really good quality.

  2. vladala


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 3, 2017

    Only idea I have is to render at a higher resolution and downsample.
    I suspect that the 8k limitation from the recorder is artificial (and is a historical leftover). I was able to generate 16k Cube maps by "hacking" the recorder version 4.0.0.
    I will add an improvement to remove this for the next recorder version.

    Meanwhile you can do your own hack by removing the width / height /map size checks here:
    Camera360InputSettings.cs in the function
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