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(GitHub) Scoped Registry - DisplayName not Used - UI Serialization Bug?

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by ExodusOTH, Aug 3, 2021.


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  1. ExodusOTH


    Nov 30, 2017
    Wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this same issue, and then potentially submit a bug ticket for it (it's possible it's a functional limitation and not a bug, but I'm not sure).

    I have noticed that if I add a dependency to a Package stored on a scoped registry, it does not utilize/display the displayName field (within the package.json) in the Package Manager, it only displays the name field. However, if I download the exact tarball that is hosted on that registry, and import that as a local package, then the Package Manager correctly displays the displayName field (within the package.json)

    I can even copy the Scoped Registry package that Unity downloads (within Some_Project/Library/PackageCache) and paste it into the Some_Project/Packages folder and with all the identical files, Unity will then properly read the displayName field from within the package.json

    Additional Context:
    • The Scoped Registry I am using is GitHub Packages (NPM specifically)
    • Everything is operating as expected (short of the displayName bug), as I'm able to import the dependencies, samples, see new version when they release, etc
  2. UnityMaru


    Community Engagement Manager Unity Technologies

    Mar 16, 2016
    Feel free to submit one anyway - you wouldn't be doing a disservice by flagging it if it's turns out to be intentional :)
  3. TheVorobey


    Mar 19, 2013
    When Unity get package list from scoped registry to display each package Unity use information provided from response, but GitHub stores only specific information for each package version, like name, version, dependencies and etc. So GitHub don't know anything about "DisplayName" and does not include this information from package Json file when you pushing new version, by whatever reason GitHub selects only what it wants.

    Other package registries, like JFrog Artifactory stores whole "package.json" file as information, and when Unity get package list from it, response contains all fields of package file for each version.

    I personally recommend to use JFrog Artifactory as personal package register, which support public and private packages.

    Hope it will help, Good Luck!

    PS Please anyone correct me, If I'm wrong. :)