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Ghost/Extra player joins lobby

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by hassaniftikharfrag, May 24, 2023.

  1. hassaniftikharfrag


    May 7, 2022

    I'm currently working on a multiplayer game using Photon Bolt, with PlayFab for hosting dedicated server.

    With my local server implementation (where one instance creates a room as the server and other instances join as clients), everything was working perfectly fine like creating room and joining players upto the max limit. After implementing PlayFab, I noticed that a ghost player often joins the lobby, and then vanishes after a few seconds. For example, in a room of 8, there are only 7 real players, and the 8th is often a ghost that automatically gets kicked out. This doesn't happen every time, and there aren't any real replication steps. I just set up a room as normal and sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't.

    Replication Steps: Unknown
    Logs messages: Multiple join calls printed

    I want to ask if anyone here ever faced this type of issue while working with PlayFab or multiplayer games in general?