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Discussion in 'AR' started by adil_unity71, Apr 2, 2024.

  1. adil_unity71


    Dec 26, 2023
    i have used geosaptial api in my unity project im using mac os i have use ar core and cesium package and added a 3d model on my coordinates when i hit build apk it starts to build and stops half way idk whats the error please help me out my mail id is
  2. mike-copley-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 7, 2023
    Hello adil_unity71,

    Which Geospatial API are you referring to in your question?

    There are a few APIs that are available directly within Unity's AR Foundation package -- specifically on the iOS platform using ARKit -- and provided by means of a third party, such as Google's AR Core Extensions. Since you mention the build stopping in the middle of an APK build, I presume you mean the later?

    If you could provide more details on your exact Unity and package versions are, your build settings, and your APIs, then we can perhaps provide some guidance. But one thing I would suggest you do is to be sure to check the Unity Editor log that is generated with the logging of the build progress and any errors that may be occurring.