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Geolocation-based "AR-light"

Discussion in 'AR' started by skalibran, Jul 19, 2018.


Getting this done with Unity is...

  1. basically no work (thanks to Plugins)

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  2. easy

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  3. for advanced users

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  1. skalibran


    Jul 19, 2018
    Hey there!

    First of all, my question is a bit less specific than you are probably used to. This is because I actually never ever used Unity. I'm doing web development for a living and from time to time, I invest some hours into the Unreal Engine. I want to find out if this engine suits my needs for a specific project that I have in mind.

    I want to create an app that draws a 3D model at a specific location. While the camera of the smartphone is activated, the 3D-model does not rely on on it, it has a fixed position. Actually, the 3D model is a cave, and I want users to see the cave from the surface, x-ray-like. Since I don't have to track the video feed, I'd call the idea "AR light".

    So I need to get the facing of the user, the gyrosensors and the geo-location. Writing everything by myself would take ages. Now my question:

    Can Unity assist me in getting the data and translating it into a 3D-model position? What is the best approach?

    Thank you for your honest answers!