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General Feedback

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by sonny-ad, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. sonny-ad


    Jan 22, 2014

    Not sure if creating a thread is the right way for that, but I wanted to share the feedback of my team after using Collab for a couple of weeks.

    - Visual changes
    It is really easy to see which files got edited since my last push.

    - List of edited files too small
    The list of the edited file is too small or maybe the font is too small and a little difficult to read.

    - Missing a stash feature like
    When I was working on a feature, someone came and want to check my work. But I was on the half way of implementation, the project won't work. So if I can stash all of my works and back to the nearest history would be fine.

    - Unstable
    Collab sometimes crashes the Inspector. And sometimes the upload operation stop working, Unity shows you a green check
    mark but a red bar appears telling you something wrong with your network. (Your files never upload in this case)

    - Better "diff"
    Currently I'm using P4Merge for diff usage, it's slow and will be a nightmare when you have a large number of files to check.

    - Provide a way to "diff" assets like scene, prefab and etc.
    For now it's just about comparing raw text between assets. But it would be better if there is a explicit way to "diff", like in the Inspector on a changed prefab it demonstrates that the properties (in bold) are different with prefab's default value.

    - Improve collab history
    Someone upload his work to collab cloud and I want to know what exactly things that he changes. In this case, I can only see a list of file that he uploads, it would be better to know that the changes he made comparing with previous upload.

    Overall the service is interesting and can help to collaborate faster on a project, however some key feature like a stash are really missed and a better log/history browsing feature.

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  2. quixotic


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 7, 2013
    Thank you for all of the feedback, it is wonderful to receive this much detail! I'll see how we can address these and get them into our backlog.

    For stash: Right now we're working on partial publish--you will be able to publish some files while leaving others unpublished. Would that help you?

    "- Provide a way to "diff" assets like scene, prefab and etc." we're working on a prototype for this right now!
  3. lodendsg


    Sep 1, 2012
    Good list we wanted to second the 'Stash' feature we have recommended it via e-mail as well called it 'Shelve Set' same concept, see TFS Shelve Set ... or that is what we need any way.

    In particular the ability to send a link or otherwise let a specific team member pull down that shelve set/stash for collaboration on it without having to put it to the published repo thus effecting everyone.

    This is also useful for the situation mentioned above, needing to drop back to the current published state to help a team member on something or to rush out a build for testing or what have you then going back to your shelve set/stash.

    At current we do this with TFS ... we maintain our TFS source control and use collab at the moment :)

    We also have a bit of a problem with how slow Collab makes the editor, unfortunately Cloud Build isnt working for us at the moment so we build locally, changing platforms seems to drive collab nuts, same when bringing the editor up for the first time the disk IO is supper heavy and it takes several min just to become responsive to the mouse. So we have taken to turning collab off, doing the build ... we have a script which handles platform change, asset bundle builds, etc. then when all done (few hours later) we turn collab back on. Once you get going however its grand so this really only effects us at startup and on platform switch.