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Discussion GameScript: Yet another dialogue graph builder for non-linear storytelling :)

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by VoodooDetective, Apr 13, 2024.

  1. VoodooDetective


    Oct 11, 2019
    I'm super excited to announce the beta release of GameScript. It's like FMOD/WWise, except for building dialogue trees.

    GameScript is a stand-alone editor (like FMOD) and a Unity plugin.

    Feel free to check them both out for free. The plugin will always be free, the editor will eventually have this pricing structure, but for now consider it free. And for small budget games, it will always remain free.

    Graph Editor GUI
    • Auto-Layout
    • Dockable panes
    • Vertical or horizontal orientations
    • Copy / Paste / Lasso
    • Customize node colors by actor
    • "Hideable" connections to keep the graph clean
    • Custom node properties (strings, booleans, numbers)
    • Edit in GameScript
    • Export / Import as CSV or JSON
    • More export formats to come
    • That's right, you can have multiple people using the GameScript editor at once if you use Postgres as your backend. The options are SQLite and Postgres. These are only used during development. The game you build will ship with a compressed file that contains all of your data, no database required.