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Feedback Game server solution for multiplayer battle royal

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by nisv16, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. nisv16


    May 2, 2017

    I am looking for tips and knowledge to solve a server solution for a multiplayer battle royal game. (third person shooter, 96 players)

    The solution must be that each individual player has to buy their own server space for a server.
    As reference from and it seams like the only solution available is one individual who pays for an entire server.

    All tips and experience are welcome. Free to provide other server providers you can recommend if have any.
    Other solutions with similar concept (players pay for servers) are also great feedback.
  2. Joe-Censored


    Mar 26, 2013
    Are you trying to rent servers which you resell to the players, or are you trying to find servers just to give some suggestions to the players?