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The Commercial: Jobs, Commercial: Job Seekers, and Non-Commercial Collaboration. subforums will be closed to new posts beginning on October 31st. Until that time we recommend users cross-post any existing job seeking, hiring, and seeking collaborator threads on Unity Connect.

Game Programmer (Partner) needed in UK

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by onlytony1, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. onlytony1


    Apr 28, 2012
    Evening all - my first post on the forum and I know this is a big ask, so trying to be as realistic and straightforward about it as I can. I had a good read of Patriick's excellent post above and if I haven't stuck to it absolutely religiously, then I've tried hard to stay true to the spirit of it.

    So, first things first - this is not a job offer. A small group (four of us) of experienced artists/designers, all long serving game and advertising industry professionals hope to find a programmer to join the team to help realise a new project in return for an equal share of all profits along with equal say in all decisions including directorship if/when a company is formed. Probably best suited to someone in the Midlands/Northwest/Northeast to give the opportunity for reasonably regular meetings.

    The concept is basically 2D (I know this is essentially a 3D forum, but thought there might be some people here who would be interested - I spend all day working in 3D but I'm finding it very interesting!). Our aim is to create a fairly simple game with fast, repetitive, but hopefully very addictive gameplay. Very retro in style but hopefully original in style of play. It's very hard to be sure that an idea is original now, the marketplace is huge and no one can know every product out there. Nontheless, we believe we are combining a lot of familiar gameplay elements in a way that has not yet been tried. Utilising the unique features of the platform in a rich and appealing graphic environment, the project is planned to work for iphone, Ipad, android and possibly beyond. If we can achieve this, then it will hopefully form the basis for a longer lasting collaboration.

    A detailed design document, concept and character designs, level design and some animation are in place as well as logos and branding designs. All of us have had extensive involvement with licensed properties and the project is character based with strong, original designs created specifically to give a strong brand that will appeal to a wide target market and hopefully be an attractive merchandising and licensing property way beyond the gaming arena.

    To date this has been a spare time operation (no one is giving up the day job - yet, but I figure we all have to start somewhere). So, I'm hoping it might appeal to someone in a similar position?

    If it sounds of any interest please PM me for more information. Thanks very much for your time.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2012