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Bug Game not being rendered from MainCamera when playing from Editor for some rea

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by abderrahimJami17000, Mar 31, 2023.

  1. abderrahimJami17000


    Jan 24, 2020
    I've included some screenshots, I worked on the project yesterday, before logging off the scene was working correctly, I load it up again today, and the game is not being rendered from the maincamera for some reason, I tried loading up other scenes in the project and they work just fine, I tried disabling the camera and creating a new one, and setting the latter as the MainCamera, but nothing changed, I look at the camera component settings in the camera gameobject and they all seem fine, I tried inspecting the camera transform while playing in editor and I can see that the camera rotates (I also checked the Player gameobject the camera is attached to, and when using WASD it moves)
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, I'm more than welcome to give more clarifications if needed.
    The above is the camera selected in the hierarchy under Player. you can see from the camera view thumbnail what I should see in the game tab
    This is what I see in the game tab when I launch the game
    Thank for the help