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Game Idea: teamwork fps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by garza, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. garza


    Dec 18, 2013
    This game idea is for anyone who wants to use it, but i would like to participate in it's production if you decide to use it.

    It's a teamwork fps. Each team will have 6 players. 5 of them are on the ground with guns similar to a standard fps, however they do not have a map in the corner like many fps games. the 6th person plays as a drone, an "eye in the sky". (Title, maybe?) The 6th person will talk to their 5 teammates on the ground giving them directions and letting them know where opposing teams are, hopefully using a mic built into the hardware, such as the xbox one. the 5 people on the ground and 1 in the sky seems to me to be the correct number of people for a few reasons. first reason is that 5 people would force the team to split into pairs of 3, 2 or 2, 2, 1. this means if you are the drone player you will be instructing your strongest pair to confront a weaker pair on the map, but each of the other team's drone player will be doing the same thing. In addition, 5 of your people plus all of the opposing teams would be a lot for the drone player to keep track of. as for another interesting feature you can add to the game is the ability to shoot down an opposing team's drone player. another interesting mechanic that can be added is the ability for the people on the ground to place dummies to full the drone player to instruct their team into making a bad move.

    1. this would require a lot of people playing at once to keep the matches going.
    2. what if people don't want to be a drone player/ eye in the sky. This forces them to have a bad experience with the game.
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