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Game Design Research

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by munyee0315, May 27, 2015.

  1. munyee0315


    May 27, 2015
    Hi there :)
    I am now doing research on Games Design for my Design Research Methodology module. Therefore, I am conducting these interview questions as part of my research. All your answers will be kept anonymous. Feel free to fill this up for me and I will appreciate it! Thank you for your cooperation! =)

    1. Your age group?

    2. Your occupation

    1. Which element do you think are the most challenging in the production and designing the games? Why? You may choose more than 1 answer.
    • Storyline

    • Games Rule

    • Character modelling

    • Background and scene of games

    • After Effects (sound effects/animation)

    • Games testing

    2) What features of the character design you think that will be attractive to the players? You may choose more than 1 answer.

    • Costumes

    • Weapons

    • Observation

    • Movement (jump/walk/left and right)

    3) What are the effects you think that is important to be included in a game? You may choose more than one answer. (Sound Effects/Visual Effects)

    4) What are the criteria point of producing a successful game?

    5) Between 2D games design and 3D games design, which one do you find more challenging? Why?

    6) Between 2D games and 3D games, which one do you find more interesting? Why?