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Question Game Design influenced from Smash Bandits

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by AKindT54, Jan 31, 2024.

  1. AKindT54


    Apr 7, 2020
    Hey, so I'm currently developing a game close to the gameplay of Smash Bandits, essentially the player controls a car of their choice, around a huge city. Cops begin to chase the player, the player can collect powerups which spawn across the city that can assist them in defeating the cops. I've got ideas such as Slow-Mo, a orb that surrounds the player that pushes obstacles away from the player at a certain distance etc. Essentially the longer the player runs away from the cops the more money they earn. This money can be used for performance upgrades and visual upgrades.

    Development wise;
    • I'm using a third person camera controller for the player allowing more visual feedback for the player to navigate themselves through the city.
    • The player can also control their car. (I've implemented both PC & touch controls)
    • City is still in development. Buildings, streets etc.
    • The entire game is based on the style of low-poly mainly because of simplicity.
    • Cop AI is implemented, the cops chase the player but it cannot maintain longer chases. It seems to get confused at times.
    • Certain obstacles in the city such as garbage bins, street lights can be damaged when the player collides with them. (I've made it like this so the player can get some sort of enjoyment from destructible objects)
    Overall, I wanted some ideas on how I can design this game to be more fun not only for petrol heads, but more for the casual player since I feel like players may get bored from just escaping the cops all the time. Also some tips on designing a more diverse environment would be really helpful. In addition, any tips for optimization on such a game for mobile would be really helpful. Cheers!

    I have developed and published a game similar to this but way more simpler. Below is a link