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Bug Game Crashing When Loading Main Scene

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by happyhedgehogstudio, Aug 7, 2022.

  1. happyhedgehogstudio


    Aug 4, 2021
    Hey guys I'm in desperate need of help with this problem. We have an game built and released to the Google Play Store. The game runs perfectly fine on my phone and many others. The issue is that the game crashes when loading our main scene only on a minority percentage of Android devices. This is still big a problem though.

    Some devices that have the problems:
    • Samsung Galaxy A20
    • Samsung Galaxy A32
    • Oppo A53s
    • Motorola moto e
    • Redmi 9
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s
    • Samsung Galaxy A11
    There is some info we've gathered that makes this even more confusing:
    • The logcat does not show any major error when crashing.
    • We added Debug.Log and Try Catch to Awake of all manager scripts
      • We also made the player manager first in Unity's Script Execution Order
      • These logs and Try Catch are not showing in the logcat (Scripts not even being executed?)
    • The game does not crash when only the player manager object is in the scene
      • When we add EITHER the enemy manager OR the UI Manager the game will crash
      • Both of these managers will draw something on the screen whereas the player manager does not show anything on the screen. (Is it an issue with graphics settings?)
    • We tried removing most third party SDKs but it still crashed
      • Facebook SDK
      • Firebase SDK
      • Unity Mediation Beta
    • We have a loading scene that does not crash
    Other relevant info:
    • Unity 2021.2.13f
      • We tried a couple other Unity version but it still crashed.
    • Target API level 30
    I'll keep adding more info the post once we gain more. If anyone has any ideas or has experienced something like this then I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance!