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Games Galactic Armada : Fleet Commander - Overview, Mechanics,Videos

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by FirstTimeCreator, Feb 9, 2018.


What do you think of the mechanics for this game?

  1. It Will Be fun

  2. I'm not sure

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  3. Not fun at all

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  1. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    Fleet Commanders - Alpha Release
    (I hereby Stake a Claim to this name which appears to not be taken, which is rare)​

    First let me say this, please do not attempt to copy my game mechanics, or game! Building this game is my passion, my addiction and what I've always dreamed of doing. I refuse to be second best to anyone regarding the new genre of space sim I am creating, so if you do.. copy me.. good luck!. I am only saying this because I am laying out the conceptional design for the game here and mechanics for an alpha release.Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Some things I am dead set on implementing, others I may not be. I am creating this game based upon my own experience playing probably every 4x and Space Combat simulator ever made worth playing. My favorites being:
    4x Strategy: Stellaris, Endless Space,Sword Of The Stars, Master Of Orion, Star Trek:Birth Of The Federation (I miss you), Sins of a Solar Empire,HomeWorld Series
    Space Sim: X Serious (With the exception of ReSkunK), FreeLancer, Mercenaries Series, EVE Online (I'm a multi-billion heir),Elite Dangerous,EverSpace, Tachyon-The Fringe, Nexus The Jupiter Incident, Dark Star One, Evochron Series, Distant Worlds Universe, FreeSpace 2


    This game is going to be a 4x space strategy board game (RISK) combined with arcade style space combat in the first person perspective where ship movement and actions and battle results on the Galaxy Map are translated into sectors when the player enters the sector. Players will be able to manually fly capital ships which will have full interiors if available as well as fly all fighter class ships which will be launched from the capital ship the player is located on.

    This game will be a mix of Stellaris style strategy management within a Galaxy Map and First Person space combat. Players will not only manage the "war effort" of their empire but will have the option to enter into combat personally to sway the battle in their favor. The space simulation component will be similar to the X series in how ships are controlled and function physically. With that said, my controllers will be more simplified compared to X series. I won't be having complex hard to navigate menu's like the X series games. It will be simplified arcade style with a dash of realism like inertia.I want the player to "feel" like they are in space but not having a long learning curve to master the controls.

    This game will not be a "trading" game like X series. Resources however will be a component so see resources section.

    The player will manager their empire through Galaxy maps, giving orders to Fleets, or specifically Fleet Commanders. Similar to Stellaris, Fleets will have a Leader which will have "traits" and gain experience which will add bonuses to the ships in the fleet or subtract from them ;).

    The player will give orders to Fleet Commanders through 2 separate interfaces, the Galaxy/Sector Map and a Fleet Commander List interface.

    Too be contained.... Lets get to the mechanics

    Player Goals:
    Eliminate All opposing non allied factions by captures their sectors OR capture all of their Home worlds simultaneously for a period of X(going with 10) years in the game to Win. An option to keep playing will be available after winning a game.

    Unfortunately, the name of my studio is "one mans dream", not "one man has a team". Although I am accounting for hooks to tie in a multiplayer API, I will not be able to implement and test this alone. The game will be Single player starting out with the option to add multiplayer if the game does well as far as sales OR a kickstarter campaign gives me funding to hire additional programmers OR I can pick up an investor that believes in the game as I do.

    Resource System:

    The resource system will be very simple, like a game of Risk, sectors will generate resource points at the end of each "year". The amount of resources will be dependent upon the sectors the player controls. galaxies and sectors will be procedural generated at the start of each new game with a certain amount of "high resource" sectors in each players starting "core" sectors around their home world.

    The amount of resources each sector generates outside of core systems will be depending upon what spawns within the sector. Planets & Asteroid fields will have an assigned resource value based upon "type".

    Like Stellaris their will also be ancient stations that can be captured which will give additional resources, this will probably be added after an alpha launch however.

    Galactic Warfare Management:
    Players will manage the war effort of their empire through galaxy map interface as well as fleet commander interface where players will set "orders/goals" for fleet leaders.

    Example of fleet commander orders:
    Patrol - (Border Sectors,Core Sectors)
    Aggression - (Border Sectors, Specific Sector)
    Defend - (Border Sectors, Core Sectors, Specific Sector)
    Scout - (Border Sectors, Specific Faction)
    Reinforce (Border Sectors, Core Sectors, Any Engaged Fleet, Any Retreating Fleet)
    Automate (no priority) (Fleet commander AI decides based upon weight system to determine possible needs of other fleets or sectors within your empire)
    Automate (with priority-Patrol,Aggression,Defend,Reinforce)

    Enemy Empire Leader AI's:
    Empire leader AI's will have the same goal as the player, to dominate the galaxy in conquest. They will operate within the same command framework available to the player, giving orders to their fleet commanders based upon their personality traits which are selected or generated at random at the start of the game.
    The personality traits will effect the decisions of orders given to fleet commanders based upon a weight system determined by the traits and the game difficulty setting.

    Ship Captain AI's:
    Ship captains will receive orders only from the fleet commander of their fleet. Fleet commanders will control what ship they attack in a sector combat scenario.

    Fleet Commander Orders to Captains:

    Attack (specific ship)
    Patrol Sector (current sector the fleet is in)
    Defend (Current Sector,Capital Ship In Fleet)
    Retreat(Capital Ship) - Ship returns to core sector for X (1) year for repairs and then returns to the fleet if it exists, if not becomes part of the pool available to the player and fleet commanders.

    Difficulty Modes:

    With that said there will be 3 game play difficulty modes:

    All 3 will effect Empire Leader & Fleet Commander AI controllers "weighting systems" (generated by traits) significantly. Impossible mode will be "you only live once" you die, Game Over.. You commit Suicide.. Game Over.. Man. So manage your resources carefully on impossible mode.

    Traversing The Galaxy:

    Players will be able to travel in capital ships or in fighter craft that have Hyper Drive engines.
    The range of the sector jumps possible by the hyper drive engines will be based upon the ships class, Capital(Carrier,Cruiser,Destroyer) Fighter(Fighter,Bomber,Gunboat,Scout).

    Hyper drives will have a cool down period if jumping more than one adjacent sector, depending on the distance/amount of sectors jumped and will not be operative until the cool down timer is complete.

    Sector Obstacles:

    Some sectors will contain Objects that prevent hyper drive across them such as nebula's, black holes,neutron stars or hyper drive inhibitor defense station installations.

    Hyper drive Obstacles will not be "visible" to the player unless the sector not controlled by them has been scouted. Scouted Sectors permanently reveal physical obstructions but not defense stations or enemy fleet presence. On the time scale of the game a scouted sector will stay visible 1 month which will translate to somewhere around 1 minute of game time (planned but not certain on scale yet).

    Ship To Ship Travel:
    Players will be able to leave capital ships via airlocks and enter into a space suit and manually fly between ships at anytime they are not currently in a hyperspace jump.

    Players will be able to enter any fighter craft or shuttles present on any capital ship within their personal flagship fleet.
    Players will be able to "call for a shuttle" while in a space suit at a Resource Cost. When that shuttle arrives the player can take manual control or order the shuttle captain to take them to a destination (sector, object within sector).

    Ship Ejection:

    Players will be able to Eject as well during combat from both fighters and capital ships. Capital ships will have escape pods that are pilot-able after launch, fighter class ships will eject the player into a "space suit" controller, in that case the pilot will need to fly to an existing capital ship and enter an airlock to get back into the battle, alternatively the player will be able to call for a shuttle to come pick him/her up which will cost "resource points".

    Run out of resource points, lose all of your ships in a battle and you will be stuck in which case you will be able to commit suicide and respawn into a available ship within your available ships pool. Re spawning without any resources will put your resources into the negative with a multiplier factor.

    Available Ship Pool, Ship Spawning,Ship Purchasing:

    The Available Ship Pool Interface:
    There will be an interface that has the inventory of currently available ships.
    -Spawned Ships
    -Purchased Ships
    -Retreated Ships

    The list will have a filter selection, and display the ships current location and target destination if it is currently moving.

    On this interface at the top will be a slider where you set the percentage of ships that will not be available to fleet commanders for automated acquisition.
    Example: PLAYER < 10% 90% > FLEET COMMANDERS

    The option will be to restrict a class of ship from automated acquisition by fleet commanders. Such as Capital Ships, this option will contain a checkbox list to select one or multiple class types to restrict.

    Player acquisition:
    Players will be able to acquire any ship currently available in the pool to merge to their Flagship Fleet (the players fleet).

    Purchasing Ships:

    In the initial release of the game all ship types and classes as well as weapons systems will be available at the start as no "research" system will be in place for "researching" new ships or weapons.

    A research system can be implemented later but is not required for a playable alpha release.

    Ships will have a resource cost relative to size of the ship and installed weapons systems type. (to be determined)

    Maximum # of ships per faction:
    GOAL: 1,050 Empire Wide
    Maximum # of Fleets per faction:
    GOAL: 35 Empire Wide

    Both Max Ships and Fleets will increase in number as AI factions are either destroyed captured allowing for Player Expansion. The Same rule will apply to AI factions.

    Sector Spawned Ships:

    Similar to a "Risk" game, ships will spawn in sectors at the end of each year and become available in the players available ships pool as long as the player does not already have Max number of ships.

    The type of ships Spawned and the Number Spawned will be determined by the sectors Resource value of each sector. The procedural galaxy generator will determine the number of ships and the classes by a random weight scale within certain sector resource value ranges.

    This adds some randomness to the Galaxy, not all high resource planets will spawn a huge number of ships.
    However if this creates a balance issue, I intend on adding a Ship Bonus (Weapons Damage) (Hull Integrity) (Speed) if the random ship spawner generator assigned too low a "strength value" of the ships spawned. So there may be fewer ships, but stronger ships suited for specific tasks like assembling a front line aggression fleet for incursions into heavily contested sectors.

    I am probably forgetting a bunch of stuff, however I just wrote all of this off the top of my head from memory.

    I am an INTJ personality type. Storing large complex systems in our brains is what we do well. :)

    I will come back to this and post more later, for now this is enough for you guys to bite on.
    Definitely let me know your thoughts on these mechanics. My goal is to give the player constant engagment options through strategy, fleet combat and manually controlled ship combat by the player.

    If you don't want to micro manage your fleet commanders you wont have to Set them to automate with a Priority Goal and go scan the Galaxy map for fleets that need help and or engaged in combat. Or assign some of your fleets to follow yours and launch your own invasion into an ememies factions space and get involved in the combat on a personal level swaying it to your favor.

    Don't want to have fun blowing stuff up in epic'ly massive battles? Manage your empire from the Galaxy Map and interfaces and play the "board game" and win without ever firing a shot yourself.

    I hope Laid out the concepts for the game well, in a way that you understand the overall concept. If you don't feel free to ask a question and I will answer.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Johnny Brown
    One Man's Dream Development Studio
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  2. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    I am now the proud owner of

    It's a decent choice if there is a trademark with the name "galactic armada", I can go with Galactic Fleet Command.

    Good thing, I'm a experienced web developer as well, don't have to pay anyone to build the site and I can also setup databases to collect stats and rank players based upon performance and speed to victory. Whatever I can come up with to make it interesting and engaging. I don;t know may attempt multiplayer on my own before I do that we shall see.
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  3. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    Comments, Questions?
  4. RavenOfCode


    Apr 5, 2015
    Looks really cool, the ideas behind the game sound great, hopefully putting them into action works out. One thing I would encourage at this stage is really to make the player feel like a ruler of a space empire (if I understand correctly that is the goal of the game). Just some ideas that can help with this are have many NPC characters, a cool captains chair, and better viewing out of a larger space cockpit to make the player feel more important. Also having some big accurate maps wouldn't go amiss.

    Anyways it looks good, best of luck with getting this whole thing done! That's quite a lot of mechanics you've got there. Also if you don't mind me asking, how long do you plan on making this game for?
  5. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    I'm not a modeler but i can edit models and prep them to be game ready assets i dont have the time to build massive ships from scratch and build the game. So what I am doing is building the game with the models at my disposal for free and hopeufll some modelers see the potential of the game and join my team for part ownership of the game. Or i can raise kick starter funding or get an investor to pay for modelers.

    I am about the release a another major update video, everything is ALOT better than that last video. Planets are now Stellar size objects. The scenes diameter is over 2 Million units. The sun is about 100X times its scale in the previous video. LOTS of other changes like a chase/externa; cam on overlay as well as working on puting all the data into an overlay UI tabbed, captain,nav, engineer,weapons. The first interface i make may not be what it will be 100%, definitly subject to change I just need it done so I can move on to other things after I have a UI controller that can adapt to my needs and also be able to implement new variations of the menu interface as time goes on.

    I know for a fact this game is possible to build and I know I can build it.I have played every space sim game there is and I know unity pretty well as you can see in the video. I know what it can do, which is almost anything I can imagine.

    In next video my LOD system is complete, full ship interior, Animated door controller system expandable to any ship, making it easy to drop in new ships and prep them. Planets are massive. I have added some orbital space stations with full interiors, there is one in earths orbit and I am making it do a close flyby of the station on the new tour of sol. With that said, I have to get back to it. I have been working every waking moment of my life on this and I intend to do so until it is completed, Or at least a playable alpha is released.

    So yah im implementing a chained waypoint system now when that is done and a few other things I will make a new vid. My planets look just as good as star citizen if not better. I have an actual REAL sun in my scene and they do not. They would be even better with some super hi res textures given their scale.
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  6. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    Yes, that will come after the certain controllers are done as well as the UI.

    Right now my focus is the tools to drop ships in quickly, environment and the ship interior. I want the player to feel like they are on a real spaceship in a real galaxy/solar system.

    there will be a dose of realism and arcade to the "extreme" in certain ways it is part of the games theme.

    These systems will be part of the games mechanics. Take the Sunlight being super bright and blinding you when you reach the sun until your SunScreen automatically turns on or isnt "damaged". There will be stations near suns that harvest energy/recources in systems that you must capture to capture a sector.

    There will also be gravity wells around planets and black holes that can destroy you and your fleets near these stations, there will be a slight pull that you and AI must fight against. as well. I am working on these mechanics before I do NPC basic npc faction system and movment controllers for fleet and a basic AI for fleet command then a mock battle but before that I have to do weapons systems. I am keeping it basic so i can rapidly prototype and expand systems as I go.

    This game isnt going to be "no mans sky" its going to be a space strategy game where you conqure the galaxy from the bridge of your starship, or you homeworlds star base and where you have the option to personally get involved in fleet engagements.

    The focus of the game after weapons and combat will be a really really nice AI system, way better than anything you have seen in a 4x strategy game. You will have the option to move ships around like in stellaris but mainly you will be issuing orders and letting your fleet commanders carry them out.

    The player can decide how much strategy they wont to employ personally int he war effort or how much action they want to involve themselves in on the front lines, or defending their empire.

    Once single player is done, it will be proof multi player is possible and this game will be WAY more fun than star citizen could ever hope to be in my opinion because it isnt a boring repetitive MMO, its a space strategy game /conquering the galaxy from a "star citizen " perspective. Stellaris + a dose of star citizen.

    Ths game will be scaled back though to have simple controls, I dont want the learning curve of star citizen and I have no plans for First person combat with a gun. this is about ships and space no a FPS shooter.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  7. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
  8. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016

    Here I am testing a very basic flight controller as well as the ability to manually fly in hyperspace mode.Can fly inside the ship as well as outside from chase cam view. Can switch between auto pilot and manual pilot modes. Flew out of the solar system to 4 million Unity meters from scene origin.

    If you like this, like the fanpage:
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  9. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
  10. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
  11. oopere


    Oct 15, 2017
    Come On!!! Are you doing it on your own?
    That's amazing!!!!
  12. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    Yes it's a one man show at the moment.

    I could really use a modeler to make me some ships with interiors lol.
  13. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
    Well I've done it ladies and gents.

    I am landing on MOVING planets and walking around on them for the first time in video game / engine history.

    I had to start over from scratch with my player controller. Switched from character controller to RigidBody as it is pretty much a requirement for what im doing. Of course I had to work out all of the kinks, getting stuck on walls and such.

    My player controller camera is separated from the collider (meaning the camera rotation does not effect the collider rotation giving me full control of the collider rotation without interference from the camera look).

    Instead of applying a forward force or velocity, I apply a force in the direction the camera is viewing without rotating the capsule which gives me more control with clamping it to normal's when it is independent from the camera.

    A video will be coming in the next few days as I am working on some details such as a "moon jump" and moon walk as well as some addition flight controller features.

    After I master the moon (which is a 64K sphere that is deformed with a heightmap) so there is craters. I will be making a comet with particle effects which will be moving through SOL and i will land on it as well... just like out of the movie Armageddon.

    Here is a little teaser, sorry not ready for video yet.. SOON! Soon after a downloadable build I will make available to the public ;)

  14. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
  15. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016
  16. FirstTimeCreator


    Sep 28, 2016

    Galactic Armada: The Fall of Humanity
    The first game in the series will be a single player story driven space action combat game
    where you play the role of a squad captain. The game will feature some open world game play as well as some linear story line
    arcs with a flow similar to that of the space sim classic "FreeSpace 2". My intended target for total play time before the game ends is at least 10 hours.
    Because I am a solo developer doing pretty much everything, the game will mostly feature text based GUI prompts for the story in which the player must read, with some
    voice over's that i get my friends and family to help with.
    In the first game in the series you will be introduced to the
    "Galaxy", 400 years in the future in the year 2,518. In this distant future, mankind has expanded into space, constructed colonies on other worlds and established a
    militarized presence in space. For 100 years mankind reveled in their accomplishment, arrogantly believing in their technological hegemony over
    the few alien races in which contact has been established.
    And then.... They arrived, with fleets so large, not even light could pass their awe inspiring presence. That is when everything changed.


    Galactic Armada: Fire,Fury & Conquest (expansion)
    If the first game in the series is successful, the second game will be an expansion which will add a Conquest system to the game.
    This system will feature Sectors which contain Solar systems contained in a Galaxy Map similiar to the X3 game series.
    Players will be able to construct new ships and give orders to fleet commander (AI's). Form fleets and capture sectors for resources.
    The game's conquest will be simple based upon a "Risk" model where sectors produce a certain amount of resources & ships each year, which the
    player will allocate for building new ships and researching ship upgrades.

    My goal is to create what X3 was not, a conquest game, but without the trading. Exploring will be a possible addition, however
    the point of the game will be strategy,conquest & fleet command. Exploration type missions could be implemented to grant players "bonuses" through artifacts.

    Additionally, the fleet engagements in Galactic Armada will be much larger, with many more ships than what was possible in X3 using mods to drop ships in. The x3 engine and software design simply could not handle anything
    past 100 or so ships without completely bogging down the engine.

    My system is being designed to run up to 200 smoothly on an i5 CPU, 300 on an i7 and up to 500 (within a single scene,spread across a solar system with active collision avoidance, path finding and multiple AI systems working in concert) on the latest generation Intel CPU's.
    The game will be designed to allow (scaling number of ships) options based upon the CPU the game is running on.


    The game is ambitious for a solo developer and the software design to run it will must be a technological marvel to behold as well as a
    true demonstration of the power of the Unity Game Engine. (Amazing). I think it would also be the first "true" space game built with unity as all i could find was some very basic prototypes.

    Building this game has been my life long dream, my passion. I was a programmer for 15 years prior to starting to learn game development over 2 years ago.
    In the past 2 years I have not given up, I have banged my head against the wall a few times but I have persevered and I have finally achieved
    the first and most difficult component required to run Galactic Armada, the Collision avoidance path finding system, capable as well as efficient enough to
    run hundreds of ships with enough CPU left for weapons systems and AI.

    So tell me, Who is ready for a new Space Sim Classic? Who wants to relive the days when space sims were new and refreshing and pushing the
    boundaries of technology as well as "fun" with a good, interesting original story. I know I do, and I know it won't happen unless I build it.
    The time of waiting is over. The time of creation has begun.

    People I will need to make the game reach it's true potential:

    Modelers + Artists:
    If you are a modeler and reading this and would like to take part in the creation of Galactic Armada, I will do what I must to get you on board so
    please contact me: I need ships, ships, ships, stations and environmental objects ((Exteriors only, with the exclusion of cockpits for player flyable ships), asteroids, debris ect. Sketchup AND 3dsMax modelers welcome!
    I will also need a concept artist for portraits and backgrounds, if drawing art (aliens) is your thing please contact me as well.

    I am fully capable of designing and implementing the story as well however this can be time consuming so a writer would not hurt, since it would allow me to
    focus all of my time on the software + interfaces for the game.

    Programmers (optional):
    GUI designer. To speed things up a UNITY GUI designer will useful in freeing up my time to focus on AI systems (where my passion is). I will be designing the GUI in similar representations of previous successful space games.

    Volunteers for Voice-Overs:
    People that want to read and speak into a microphone to do voice overs for NPC factions in the story.

    Volunteer Testers:
    People with at least some basic knowledge of game development and testing to run prototype builds on a wide range of hardware and report
    performance recordings, bugs and glitches, suggest improvements and changes for a better experience.
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