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Fuse cc change clothing

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by HeffeRS, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. HeffeRS


    Apr 23, 2019
    Hi, i have some problem to edit cloth from fuse, Im trying to make clothing system for fuse but unity only accept 1 top,bottom, shoes etc.

    1. Create in fuse 1 character with t-shirt and export mixamo and then to unity
    2. Create in fuse new character with jacket or similar (top body as t-shirt) and export to mixamo and then to unity

    In unity;
    1. Put character with t-shirt in scene.
    2. Put character with jacket (or etc top body cloth) in scene
    3. Move jacket from character to first one with t-shirt and disable t-shirt to my character with t-shirt get jacket but dont work ( delete secound player who originali have jacket), jacket just stick in scene dont move with character but when enable t-shirt with t-shirt is everting fine, jacket dont follow character and dont have animation when i move from one to secound character, on original character jacket work great.

    Are anyone now to create cloth switcher for fuse?