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Bug from release 19 to 20: performance collapse (5 times slower)

Discussion in 'ML-Agents' started by ucax217, Jun 9, 2023.

  1. ucax217


    Nov 8, 2018

    Thanks for mlAgent, it's great !

    I still had release 19, I updated to release 20 yesterdays.
    But calculation times were multiplied by 5 on the same env.

    Release 19
    [INFO] Snow2L. Step: 50000. Time Elapsed: 40.585 s. Mean Reward: 0.687. Std of Reward: 11.419. Training.
    [INFO] Snow2L. Step: 100000. Time Elapsed: 74.514 s. Mean Reward: 0.694. Std of Reward: 11.393.

    Release 20
    [INFO] Snow2L. Step: 50000. Time Elapsed: 203.488 s. Mean Reward: 0.466. Std of Reward: 3.188. Training.
    [INFO] Snow2L. Step: 100000. Time Elapsed: 390.871 s. Mean Reward: 0.494. Std of Reward: 3.336. Training.

    GPU is still at maximum, all the installation with new version of pytorch and so on seems ok.

    I've isolated the problem: it seems to come from the package.
    Just by changing the package in the project, computation times increase,
    even if I test it with python code from version 20.

    version 2.2.1-exp.1 (release 19) : 40s for 50000 ite.
    version 2.3.0-exp.3 (release 20): 200s for 50000 ite.
    version 2.3.0-exp.4 (git from today) : 200s for 50000 ite.

    I think it's my installation though, because nobody else seems to have this problem, but I do not know where to look. Any clues?

    Thanks ...