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[Freelance] [Art] [3D] Lead Game Artist - 10years industry experience

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by GoldenSkullArt, Aug 18, 2021.

  1. GoldenSkullArt


    Aug 14, 2013
    **TL;DR Portfolio: [LINK]

    2022 Update: I am not available for hire or commissions for the foreseeable future. Will update if anything changes.


    my name is Max Heyder Art, also known as Golden Skull.

    I am an artist with lots of experience and the creator of successful, long-standing handpainted 2D isometric art assets on the asset store.

    Today, I offer my services as a Freelance Artist, Lead Artist, Art Director and Consultant.

    About me
    Ever since I could hold a pencil, I would sketch. My teachers at school had a strong distaste for me constantly drawing in class (I still listened & made my A-Levels that way, lol...).
    Since then, I graduated university (still drawing in class) with a Bachelor of Arts (take that, highschool teachers!).
    My personality I'd describe as quirky, fun and cheerful, but professional, transparent, communicative and mindful.
    I love to be in nature, meditate, listen to music from all over the world. I love diversity, sustainability as well as open mindedness and open heartedness.

    My gamedev journey started in 2009 and I have since worked on many projects ranging from AAA to low budget indie, with my influence being in 7+ released titles across all major platforms.
    Throughout my journey I collected both in-house and freelance, production and leadership experience.
    I specialized in cartoony styles, which are hand-painted with exaggerated proportions, colorful and vivid, bright and friendly, and I am very experienced in isometric art.

    Skills & Softwares
    My main tools for 3D now is Blender and I have proper work experience with most major 3D softwares: 3DsMax, Maya, MODO, 3DCoat,ZBrush, Substance Designer & Painter.
    For 2D I use Adobe Photoshop, with experience in Spine, Krita, Affinity Designer.

    I have a strong background in Unity (since Unity 4) and even if I don't know every little thing about the engine, I can code my own editor extension and even proper scripts, shaders and other stuff, but I'd rather just do the art.

    Additionally, I have extensive education and self-education in traditional art skills ranging from sketching, painting, anatomy, perspective, architecture, nature studies over composition theory, color theory, light, volume and form understanding, abstraction skills to seeing the bigger picture of a project and ensuring style and form consistency throughout the production of many assets.

    Leadership skills

    From my work as an Art Director and Lead Artist, I am capable of leading a team of artists through all stages of production and ensuring velocity, quality and consistency throughout all stages of the project. I love to mentor my artists and lead with flat hierarchies, trust and pushing individual strengths, cultivating team spirit and focusing on long term motivation and endurance.

    I am strongly against crunch culture and my goal is to ensure positive mental health development in the teams I am involved in. Therefore I am in the process of vocational training in psychotherapy.

    Now, I hope to have made you curious enough to finally see my portfolio!
    Portfolio: [LINK]

    Availability (Updated)

    [Update] I am not available for the foreseeable future.

    Work Preferences

    I am mostly looking to fill this with lowpoly 3D work (environment & props) in handpainted or flat color styles.

    Style-wise I am aiming for projects, that are relatively similar to my own style, with some flexibility and variation. I am open for darker/less saturated styles if they are still somewhat cartoony and stylized, but not highly textured or realistic. I will not work for sexual, sexist, racist or exceedingly bloody and violent projects with the potential exception of zombie-themed content.
    But if you have exciting 2D project, I'd still love to hear about it.


    I sit in Berlin, Germany (CET).


    I offer flexible rates depending on the complexity of the job.
    As Consultant, Art Director or Lead Artist with team responsibilities, the rates will be higher, than for clearly defined asset production.

    Consultation: 80€/hour
    Art Direction & Lead Art: 450€/day
    Art Production: 350€/day

    Long-Term Rates
    If you are looking to hire me long-term (2+ months), we can negotiate lower rates.

    Not Enough Budget?
    If you have an exciting project, but less budget available and think I'm the perfect fit, I'd still love to hear about it. (I will not work for free, royalties only or exposure)

    Pay with Cryptocurrency?
    I am open to receive the equivalent of the contract payment in crypto (Bitcoin, ETH) as payment as well.

    Curious? Get in touch?

    Discord: GoldenSkull#7882

    Thank you!
    If you made it up down here, I want to thank you for your interest!

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    Last edited: Mar 30, 2022