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Discussion in 'AR' started by ankur-unity, Aug 28, 2023.

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  1. ankur-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 12, 2021
    Who moderates this forum?
    This forum is moderated by the Unity XR team, most actively by engineers who work on AR Foundation and related packages.

    Can I send a direct message?
    Unity employees will not respond to direct messages on the forums. If you have a question, please ask on the forum so that other users can benefit from your answer.

    Is a forum post the same thing as a bug report?
    No. The forums can be a great way to seek advice from the development community, but Unity does not track bugs that are reported in the forums. To file a bug report for the Unity Editor or any Unity-published packages, use the in-Editor bug reporting tool:

    How do I submit a feature request?
    Go to the Unity AR/VR Roadmap: Click on the AR Foundation tab, and scroll down to Submit a new idea!. You can also vote on existing ideas.

    Is my device compatible with AR Foundation?

    Are there AR Foundation alternatives for standalone Windows or Mac?
    Yes, but Unity employees will likely not be able to give you any advice for these sorts of builds. OpenCV is a common place to start.

    Can I post about AR SDK’s other than AR Foundation?
    You are welcome to post anything in this forum related to AR development in Unity, but Unity employees can likely only help you with questions about Unity products, and may not respond to other posts.

    How do I get started developing with AR Foundation?
    Unity maintains an open-source app called AR Foundation Samples that can be a useful starting point for learning and building with AR Foundation:

    For more detailed information about supported features and how to use them, refer to the AR Foundation package documentation:

    How to do X using HoloLens?
    Unity does not implement AR Foundation support for HoloLens. Microsoft owns and maintains their AR Foundation provider plug-in and build tools. For any questions regarding HoloLens other than specifically the UnityEngine or UnityEditor API’s, please refer to the Microsoft Mixed Reality forums:

    How to do X using Google ARCore Extensions?
    Unity is not affiliated with Google’s ARCore Extensions or Geospatial Creator for Unity. For questions regarding these products, please reach out to Google directly:

    How to do X using Apple visionOS?
    Unity has a dedicated Discussions space for visionOS questions. For questions regarding Apple Vision Pro, visionOS, or Unity PolySpatial, please post there:

    How to do X using Vuforia?
    Unity is not affiliated with Vuforia. For questions regarding Vuforia, please refer to the Vuforia Support Center:

    How to do X using Niantic Lightship ARDK?
    Unity is not affiliated with Niantic. For questions regarding the Lightship ARDK, please refer to the Lightship developer community:

    Is Unity working on WebXR support?
    Currently, there are no plans for Unity to support building for WebXR. However, know that we highly value the needs of our users, and may consider this work in the future pending growing demand. Please feel free to submit a feature request at In the meantime, there are third-party tools available that can help you enable WebXR support for your project.
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