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[For Hire] Versatile Technical Pixel Artist (2D & 3D)

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by RunicPixels, Aug 16, 2023.

  1. RunicPixels


    Dec 5, 2015
    Looking For: Work as a game artist who has strong skills to create content for games and bring them to life.

    (I prefer hired positions such as a contract for 'x' hours a week. But I'm open for freelance work, contract work, and commissions.)

    Skills: A creative-technical skillset which includes:

    ✰ 12+ Years of creating Pixel Art (Game Assets & Illustration)

    ✰ Experience creating both 3D and 2D art with shaders and material tools inside game engines to enhance or combine them.

    ✰ Icons, Illustrations, Backgrounds, Design, Concepts.

    ✰ Level Design, VFX, Game Feel, Atmosphere, Lighting.

    ✰ 8+ Years of Experience using Unity, C# knowledge and understanding for extending, procedurally or manually placing and implementing art.

    ✰ Experience using Cinemachine, Unity Animator, Tile Editor, Corgi Engine, VFX- & Shader Graph, Event Systems, 2D Pixel Perfect and various other extensions.

    ✰ Some Experience using Godot and Unreal

    ✰ Teaching / Soft Skills

    ✰ Git & Source Control.

    ✰ My ambition is to evolve the pixel art medium and create pixel art experiences that feel novel, enchanting and refreshing.

    ✰ I love fantasy- and magical settings. I try to bring a little bit of that magic to my work to make the world a little bit more enchanting every day, which is also something I carry over in my personality.

    ✰ Detail Oriented and Versatile Skillset, keen mind to learn new things.

    Portfolio - Art Portfolio - Games & Game Jams

    Time Zone: West-EU (GMT+1) - Based in the Netherlands.

    Rates: Starting freelance rates are €30 an hour for non-commercial projects, starting at €40 for commercial projects. Open for discussion.

    For hired positions, rates depend on included benefits.

    Availability : I prefer hourly contracts, preferably around 24h/w but open for discussion.

    Status: Open

    Contact Method: For the quickest response: Discord (@RunicPixels) DM me or email to

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