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Looking For Contributor [FLIGHT SIM] Project w/Screenshots & Gameplay!

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Quontium97, Oct 2, 2021.

  1. Quontium97


    Aug 1, 2021
    What's up everyone!

    First off, I only recently got into real programming so a lot of this including Unity is still very new to me. That said, I'm not expecting for the most experienced or super dedicated people.

    Second, I just want to say that if you are looking for something serious and/or regimented, this might not be the thread for ya lol. However! If you are looking for something cool and laid back to be a part of in your spare time, then give me a couple minutes of your time and check out this out !

    Screenshots & Gameplay

    *Game window is small and quality is low sorry lol*


    Day City Mountains.PNG Evening City Mountains.PNG Night Sea Island 4.PNG Night Sea Island.PNG

    The Idea
    I could use some help with my flight sim! The overall idea is a flight sim with paper planes. I've always been into planes and aircraft growing up. I know there's already a bunch of games out there with real world aircraft. There's also stuff out there with fictional space aircraft etc. But I've never came across anything with paper planes. I like the idea because it's something different that hasn't been done much. It's also familiar and cool to most people, I'm sure we've all made a paper plane or two before as a kid. It adds sort of a nostalgic incentive for people to want to play the game. And thinking ahead into the future, we'd never have to worry about rights and licensing issues with real world aircraft like F-16s and F-22s lol. So it's a win-win so far.

    The Game
    If you're reading this far lol, I'm guessing you're familiar with flight sims and/or enjoy them. There are two current games I've drawn inspiration from: Ace Combat 7 & Tiny Combat Arena. The latter is actually still in development itself. I love the cartoon look of it however, so I drew inspiration. And for all my Ace Combat fans this will almost be a low-poly clone as far as story goes, but with paper planes and different physics.

    The Vision
    I want to write a story mode that will resemble something on the spectrum of Ace Combat games. I'd like a good storyline aspect that 90% of flight sims unfortunately lack. It probably won't be the best ever done or anything lol, but I'll definitely be putting my best foot forward on this aspect of the game. Once again, I'm not super experienced myself, so I'm willing to take my time on this and not rush anything. I also don't want to bite off more than what I can chew for this first game. But if everything works out, I'd love to have a story campaign, free flight mode, racing mode, and hopefully some kind of team versus/deathmatch mode. If you're interested and have any additional ideas, they will be more than welcome!

    The Progress
    So I've only been working on this project for about 5 weeks. But I feel like I've gotten a decent amount of work done however considering I'm a beginner. Just to be clear, this is not a full time every day thing at all for me, so I promise I won't be on anyone's neck or anything lol. That's said, here is a list of current implementations:
    • Fully functional WASD Keyboard Flight Control
    • Pitch, Roll, & Yaw Plane Movement
    • 3 Different Scenes So Far(still in development)
    • UI Minimap/Radar
    • UI HUD Target Indicators
    • About 7(out of 22) Plane Designs So Far
    • Enemy & Ally Plane AI(Wander & Follow State)
    • Ocean Water Movement
    • Toggleable Cam Angles
    • A Main Menu Screen(Sorta lol)
    These are just the main major things I can think of at the moment, but there are probably some smaller things I'm missing as well. I almost have enough content for a short Freeflight Demo. The next main focuses for me are implementing weapons, finishing the HUD, and adding sound to the game.

    Who I'm Looking For
    Since I'm a noob, I'm pretty much open to any help anyone could offer honestly. If you are interested, feel free to message me, and we can exchange easier contact info. Thank you! Here are a few roles in particular that I know I need:
    1. C Sharp Programmers lol. This goes without saying, but you just don't have a game without the right programming. Anyone with this knowledge will pretty much instantly be on the team.
    2. Designers are more than welcome! Although it's low-poly, I'd love for the game to still look as pretty as possible for sure. If your strong suit is graphics/level/world design or building, please do reach out.
    3. An Audio Engineer would be nice as well. Someone who could come up with custom SFX and/or music, and maybe even help with VAs in the future. If I can't find someone however, we will more than likely use free SFX Unity assets/commercial use BGM music.
    4. Story/Dialogue/Character Writer. I would definitely appreciate 1 other person helping me with storyline plot, character bios/backgrounds, and campaign direction. The need for this isn't immediate however.
    5. Honestly, just good-hearted down to earth individuals. I'd honestly love to meet some cool new people and friends with this. People with integrity, patience, creative passion, and like-minded people who just genuinely enjoy this stuff in their spare time.
  2. Quontium97


    Aug 1, 2021
    Current Team Members:

    Quontium97 -
    Designer(mostly), Programmer, Art
    Knockx aka BugSlayer123 - Programmer, Audio, Music
    WVAviator - Programmer

    I will be updating this list publicly so that people know beforehand what we do and don't currently have on the project. There is still room currently, feel free to reach out if interested!:)