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[Fixed] Editor crashes 100% when trying to build the game

Discussion in '2020.2 Beta' started by sl1nk3_ubi, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. sl1nk3_ubi


    Aug 21, 2019

    We're investigating an upgrade from 2019 LTS to 2020.2 in our project and even though the Editor improvements are cool, we unfortunately haven't been able to build the project on 2020.2b11.

    We have a 100% crash when trying to build the asset bundles through our editor tools with a stacktrace as follow:
    Code (CSharp):
    1. Stack Trace of Crashed Thread 54496:
    2. 0x00007FF7755D78DA (Unity) winutils::CrashHandler::DefaultSignalHandler
    3. 0x00007FF775416657 (Unity) HandleSignal
    4. 0x00007FF77893A17A (Unity) seh_filter_exe
    5. 0x00007FF778CF5329 (Unity) `__scrt_common_main_seh'::`1'::filt$0
    6. 0x00007FF778907E48 (Unity) _C_specific_handler
    7. 0x00007FFC3BEE121F (ntdll) _chkstk
    8. 0x00007FFC3BEAA259 (ntdll) RtlRaiseException
    9. 0x00007FFC3BEDFE8E (ntdll) KiUserExceptionDispatcher
    10. 0x00007FF777B3E580 (Unity) Mesh::Transfer<StreamedBinaryWrite>
    11. 0x00007FF775549AB3 (Unity) SerializedFile::WriteObject
    12. 0x00007FF775511C13 (Unity) PersistentManager::WriteFile
    13. 0x00007FF775513629 (Unity) PersistentManager::WriteFile
    14. 0x00007FF7763002A4 (Unity) WriteSharedAssetFile
    15. 0x00007FF7762DBC8B (Unity) CompileSharedAssetsFile
    16. 0x00007FF777E8AD61 (Unity) BuildSharedAssetsFile
    17. 0x00007FF777E8626F (Unity) BuildPlayerData
    18. 0x00007FF777E8E951 (Unity) DoBuildPlayer_Build
    19. 0x00007FF777E8D5B7 (Unity) DoBuildPlayer
    20. 0x00007FF776287CC4 (Unity) BuildStreamedSceneBundle
    21. 0x00007FF776285591 (Unity) BuildAssetBundlesInternal
    22. 0x00007FF77628320F (Unity) BuildAssetBundles
    23. 0x00007FF77735EF51 (Unity) BuildPipeline::BuildAssetBundlesWithInfoInternal
    24. 0x00007FF7771F88BF (Unity) BuildPipeline_CUSTOM_BuildAssetBundlesWithInfoInternal
    25. 0x0000023150F8F2D7 (UnityEditor.CoreModule) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundlesWithInfoInternal()
    26. 0x0000023150F8EF8B (UnityEditor.CoreModule) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles()
    27. 0x0000023150F8EE93 (UnityEditor.CoreModule) UnityEditor.BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles()
    I have also reported the crash in fogbugz case #1292739 with more information there.
    Is this a known issue or is there a workaround to that crash as of now?
    I should note, since this crash is related to writing files, that our project is also on Perforce (I tried setting the project to work offline but nothing changed).

  2. sl1nk3_ubi


    Aug 21, 2019
    More information:
    It's not just the asset bundles, we've got the same crash if we're just trying to build the project with no asset bundles.

    Edit: We managed to find a workaround with the spotlight team, and a confirmation that the issue is fixed in b12, here's the workaround for anyone wondering:
    In ProjectSettings.asset, change "VertexChannelCompressionMask: -1" to "VertexChannelCompressionMask: 0"
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