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Feedback Finally tried Collab v2.0... I don't get it

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by Arokma, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Arokma


    Oct 14, 2015

    After some hesitation our team decided to try Collab v2.0, being really fed up with the "Checking For Changes" prompt.

    No particular problems when updating from 1.2.16 to 2.0 preview 17, no bugs using it...

    But I don't get the point of this update.

    Advantages :
    • "Checking For Changes" does not pop up anymore at the opening of the project
    • The status checking process is now async, so it is possible to work while it is scanning
    BUT :
    • The scanning process is even longer than before
    • There is no visual clue of when the process will finish (at least the "Checking For Changes" provided it)
    • When pushing something, the scanning process automatically launches after it which is useless cuz if I just pushed something, I must be the one up-to-date
    • After scanning the project, if some changes are here that I can pull, doing it actually relaunch a scan before pulling the changes which therefore takes twice the time the 1.2.16 version was taking (plus a time bonus)
    • The asynchronous aspect sounds great but in fact I can't launch the scanning process in advance and finish my work as I will need to scan it again after finishing my work...
    I thought using Git would speed up the process but not at all...
    No offense and I know collaborating systems are hard tasks but from the exterior it seems like the only change brought by the 2.0.0 version is an asynchronous, hidden "Checking For changes"...

    I know you guys plan to change the UI but will the system improve its processus speed ?

    For instance, this same project (7.6Go "Assets" folder size) with SourceTree takes approximately 1sec to detect any changes, a few seconds to push them, a few seconds to detect pulling possibilities and about 10sec to actually pull them if they are huge.
    I am sometimes waiting for 5 minutes for a single one of those processus with Collab...

    We are paying 10€+ a month (Bank taxes added as we are from Europe) for 3 seats and 30Go storage.
    The same price as 100Go LFS with 5 free seats on BitBucket.

    I love Unity, I prefer using its tools and services than external ones and glad to support them but I'm sadly starting to change my mind about this particular subject that is Collaborate.

    Please, what are the plans for Unity Collaborate and their ETAs, will it be worth the paid service ?

    Rémi from Arokma.

  2. Ryan-Unity


    Mar 23, 2016
    Hi Rémi, thank you for your valuable feedback! To address your concerns, first I'd like to say that we aren't fully using Git as of 2.0, but our new system will be. This will bring significant performance and stability improvements, including reduced speeds on scan times.

    Like you mentioned, we are working on a new UI, which you can learn more about and provide feedback on here. We're tentatively targeting August for the v1 release of the new experience. This release will focus on increased performance, stability, and an improved UI that will be useful to a wider range of users. We also have another blog post coming out within the next week where we'll discuss our principles for the new design along with our goals for the release so please keep an eye out for it. We really do appreciate any and all comments on how we're doing so thank you for your patience while we work to keep improving Collaborate.