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Feedback few thoughts

Discussion in 'Game Foundation' started by MadanyNO, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. MadanyNO


    Apr 18, 2016
    hi guys, i have been trying the Game Foundation system for a bit here and there, and i wanted to give a few points from what i saw.

    Property for Items
    i know that i sound a bit picky with this but i feel like having a property for Inventory items in Inventory is a bit more intuitive then a method.
    i mean going inventory.Items is a bit more intuitive then inventory.GetItems().
    but again... its not the end of the world, it just bothered me a lil.

    Drop Inventory
    in games, most of the time when a monster or enemy die, they drop items, and with the GF i can create a definition of inventory for each monster drop list, and then just add those items to my player, but i get stuck when i try to think about doing this with a drop rate for the items.
    for example i want an item to fall when a monster die by a chance of only 50%, while a different monster will drop it with 25% chance.

    i can make the drop rate a stat, but then i need to create the same item 2 times with 2 different drop rate, and it can get more complicated the more monster that drop the item in different drop rates.

    i can make the quantity the drop rate of the item instead of how much there is from it, but then if i want to drop a quantity of the item, i cant....

    so i was thinking how about a sub type of InventoryDefinition, that beside the quantity, will hold drop rate too.
    it would be nice to have something of that kind.

    if u guys have a better idea on how to tackel this i would really love to hear about it ^^.

    Composition Stats
    i did mentioned this in another threat but this is something that i would really like to know if there r plans on how to deal with this or any ideas about it, so i will just copy paste what i said there

    i was wondering if there can be option to make it a solid value instead of a formola? i mean something like this:

    i have my player str stats and atk stats that is composite from str, something like:
    Atk = Str*10

    but i would like to create a weapon that only raise my atk value by a fixed value like
    Atk = 50

    so if i have a player with Str = 10, i will have Atk = 10*10 = 100,
    but if i also equip my weapon i will on the same player, without changing my Str value from 10, my Atk will get a boost of 50.

    in short if the Composite Stats be implemented, When i create the Composite State in stat window, i will give the formula to be used (from my example the "=Str * 100") and when i add this stat to an item or player i can chose to use the formula or a solid value(from my example the giving the weapon Atk = 50).

    thats all for now, sorry for the long post, but i see a lot of use in this Game Foundation system and i would like to use it more in the future.
    btw, so u have any estimation on the time on when will costume ItemDefinition would come out? i have so many things i want to try with it XD
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  2. mingz-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 12, 2017
    Thanks for providing us your suggestions @MadanyNO. The team will review your ideas and we may follow up again with more specific comments / feedback on these suggestions.

    For your question on supporting concepts such as drop-rate:

    We do plan to roll out new systems in future that are dedicated to the loot / reward mechanic which could be the easiest way to support your scenario, so stay tuned for our future updates. Right now, if you plan to use inventory to implement that mechanic, there's an upcoming feature that allows you to define your own custom Details (which can be drop rate or any meta data you need).
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  3. MadanyNO


    Apr 18, 2016
    @mingz-unity tnx for your reply,
    i will stay tuned for next updates, i think this can save a lot for a lot of game designing and would like to help with what i can :D
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