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Feedback Feedback Wanted - Improved 2D Template in 2020.1

Discussion in '2D Experimental Preview' started by rustum, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. rustum


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 14, 2015
    2D Template in 2020.1 beta.png
    We are shipping an improved 2D Template in 2020.1.

    As part of a focus on better workflows around 2D features this year, the improved 2D Template should increase your productivity and provide a better starting point for many projects hoping to utilise 2D features in Unity.

    The 2D Project Template
    When starting a new project with the 2D template, we configure some settings for you to make more sensible defaults for 2D projects. These include:
    • Images are imported as Sprites and set to Sprite mode.
    • The Scene View is set to 2D
    • The default scene does not include a light
    • The camera’s default position is at 0, 0, –10
    • The camera is set to be Orthographic
    • In the Lighting Window:
      • All Global Illumination is disabled
      • Skybox material is set to none
      • Ambient Source is set to Color.
    What's New
    This project now contains all the 2D packages that were verified recently. This includes:
    • 2D Animation
    • 2D Pixel Perfect
    • 2D PSD Importer
    • 2D SpriteShape
    These are now pre-compiled and load up more quickly.

    Getting Started
    1. Install Unity 2020.1.0b1 or newer via the Unity Hub.
    2. Start a new project via the Unity Hub (making sure to select Unity 2020.1.0b1 or newer)
    3. Select the 2D project template
    Please try out the improved 2D template. We want to make sure it adds value to your workflows.
    How does it contribute to your productions?
    Conversely, does it slow you down or block your work in any way?

    What other parts of the 2D Unity experience could do with better pre-configuration?

    We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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