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Feedback Voting system

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by MichiealO, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. MichiealO


    Jul 7, 2013
    Not really sure where to go to put this, as it seems to be completely ignored in the actual feedback section of the site. Issue tracker doesn't allow one to manually post an issue that I saw... so... I'm mentioning it here to kinda ask for help as to where to put it (all jokes aside here) and to try to get it seen.

    Issue: I just found out that my Votes in the feedback system have been tied up on an issue from march of 2014. (That's 4 years!!!!!!!) And while I disdain saying that "everyone hates this" ... a quick search shows that Most everyone at the very least grumbles about this.

    In the fast paced, tech changing industry of video game development, I don't think that it's conducive to seeing what is wanted, if every time you find more than 10 new things that you think should be fixed / changed / added, that you have to revoke existing votes. Over the past 4 years, this industry has changed radically... And yet, my votes were tied up on a dead issue because you can only have 10 votes.... EVER. Not 10 votes per month, not 10 votes per year... 10 votes per lifetime, per account. (And, I only have the one account.)

    So. My question is.. where do I put the suggestion that this system is broken, antiquated, and not conducive to understanding what the developers (Unity users) want out of Unity?
    Who do I talk to, and say "Hey, Database programming isn't that hard - why not refill users' votes back to 10 on a specific period? Say like a month or a quarter? That way, Unity Technologies' Developers know what people want and can pump out a better product!"