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[Feature Request] Make the list of installed versions easier to read

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by pavelkouril, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. pavelkouril


    Jul 22, 2016

    it would be cool to be able to differentiate between different releases in the view where you can uninstall - if you want to keep just the latest version of Unity from each release and have a few installed already, it gets kinda hard to go through the list.

    I think that either color coding the releases, e.g., all 2018.1 to have the same color, and all 2017.4 to have the same color as well (but different than 2018.1), or grouping it based on a release (with the list being sorted from newest to latest in each respective group) with a heading showing the version (just the 2018.1/2017.4/etc. part), would help tremendously.
  2. AbrahamDUnity


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 28, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback! We are currently revamping that section but unfortunately this feature isn't planned. That said it's an interesting idea and we will definitely consider it in the near future.