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Feature request for Animation keyframes

Discussion in 'Unity Connect' started by joachimbarrum_unity, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. joachimbarrum_unity


    Aug 22, 2020
    Hey, there are a couple of features to the keyframe window I would kindly ask if could be considered, because the unity Keyframe panel is especially difficult and tedious to use when f.example animating 2d skinned characters with a lot of bones.

    1. Being able to add keyframes outside the play area, both in the minus and plus range. Right now its extremely difficult to make certain offsets and loops. like lets say you have a tail of 5 bones and you want to make a loop. Then the natural way to animate would be to offset each tail bone to get the wavy effect. This is now impossible, because immediately when you shift some keyframes forward, the animation will play till the last keyframe, and therefore you would have to shift it, add inbetween keyframes and delete the others, and then tweak the curve. This becomes cumbersome when you are working with a lot of keyframes.

    Also in 3d softwares it is common to to add keyframes outside the play rang to have the curve work correctly on the ins and outs of the animation.

    2. Either toggle on/off to see all keyframes of an animation or just the selected object or hightlight the selected keyframes of a particular bone or object you are working on. When working with 2d bones or complex animations, there can be a ton of keyframes on multiple objects. in the end it becomes really hard to see which keyframes to modify because there's no way to distinguish them except reading the title of list of objects.

    3. Different ways to repeat a timeline of keyframes. like if you only add a few keyframes to a small area of the full animation on one asset, you should be able to tell unity to loop that or ping pong or whatever until the end of the animation.