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Feedback [FEATURE REQUEST]: Download all asset store library information manually

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by ouraf, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. ouraf


    Sep 4, 2019
    The package manager is kinda spotty when it comes to search for assets you have on your library:
    - it only loads a few lines at a time
    - Using the default settings, it tends to produce random connection timeout erros while fetching the asset description
    - sometimes it fails to load preview images
    - sometimes it doesn't load the asset description
    - It doesn't seem to cache the info you see when checking the packages on the package manager.
    - Neither "refresh list" or "manual resolve actions seem to doesn't cache any info: if you close your project and open again, an asset that was appearing fine before can show a connection timeout error
    View attachment 933187 upload_2021-10-5_21-21-36.png
    To have the package manager choke every time i need to look for or compare packages is annoying and frustrating

    This is a huge headache and grows with the size of your library, to the point the package manager UI becomes an useless nuisance and it's better to stop the work inside the engine and go to the site to search the asset and use the "open in Unity" command.

    It would be much easier if you could make the package manager cache all the screenshots and descriptions manually and just make a quick update check when browsing, only refreshing the info of the pages that had been changed (and there are many assets that haven't been updated in years).

    It would also allow the full asset list to load by default instead of just a fraction of it.